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The source and classification of negative oxygen ion sensor

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-28
Source and classification of negative oxygen ion sensor
Air negative oxygen ions are known as the 'vitamins' in the air and are very important for improving human health. In the natural ecosystem, forests and wetlands are important places for generating negative oxygen ions in the air, and they have obvious regulating effects in air purification and urban microclimate. Air anions are also called negative oxygen ions, which refer to oxygen ions that additionally carry one or more negative charges. The measurement of negative air ions is mainly based on the estimation of the number of negative charges per unit volume of air.

Sources of negative oxygen ions

There are three main sources of negative oxygen ions in the air:

1. Atmospheric molecules are ionized under the action of rays, lightning and storms, and free electrons are attached to Air negative oxygen ions are formed on oxygen or water molecules;

2. In the environment of waterfalls, ocean waves and storms, negatively charged water mist will be formed, which is easily carried away by air flow to form negative oxygen ions;

3. Plants 'tip discharge' and photosynthesis will release free electrons, which combine with oxygen or water molecules to form negative oxygen ions.

Classification of Negative Oxygen Ion Sensors

Negative oxygen ion sensors are usually made of metal materials with good electrical conductivity. When the free negative ions in the air hit the metal plate, the extra electrons carried by the negative ions are transferred to the metal plate, causing the metal plate to show negative polarity. If the metal plate is in contact with the earth through the wire, a weak current will be generated on the wire. Through the collection and measurement of this current signal, the amount of charge carried on the metal plate can be estimated, and then the calculation can be obtained. The concentration of negative ions in the air.

Currently, the monitoring methods of negative oxygen ion sensors on the market can be roughly divided into: flat type, capacitive type, double cylindrical shaft type and ball type. Among them, the flat type and double barrel shaft type are suitable for general individuals. And the daily life of the family; Capacitive type and ball type have high requirements for materials, difficult production, and high production cost. They are generally used in professional precision measuring instruments.

Flat-type negative oxygen ion sensor

Compared with capacitive, grid-type and autumn-type negative oxygen ion sensors, the flat-panel negative oxygen ion sensor has slightly poorer measurement accuracy (the accuracy error is about 10%). ), but it is already sufficient to meet the daily needs of non-professional researchers, and greatly simplifies the structure of the instrument and reduces production costs.

Principle: Parallel electric plate type negative oxygen ion sensor is a commonly used method for low-end air ion detectors. There are a set of parallel and insulated electrodes A and B. There is a ring-shaped bipolar electrode at the top of the B pole. Air is sucked in by the fan in the lower right corner. The negative ions in the air strike the A/B electrode and discharge, and the charge is conducted to the E ring electrode. Self-discharge is formed, and the discharge signal is recorded, so that the number and size of positive and negative ions in the air can be measured.

The flat-panel negative oxygen ion sensor is technically mature, and the cost is relatively low, but it is easily affected by the external environment. In addition, the weakness of this structure can easily lead to the edge effect of electrolysis, which can easily cause airflow turbulence and lead to detection results. The offset is large.

Double cylindrical shaft type negative oxygen ion sensor

Double cylindrical shaft type negative oxygen ion sensor is a mature method for high-end air ion detectors. The overall structure is composed of 3 concentric cylinders. The outer cylinder and the inner shaft are electrodes. When the air passes through the cylinder, the ions hit the cylinder and the shaft to generate discharge, and the discharge signal is recorded, so that the number and size of positive and negative ions in the air can be measured. Measurement.

This kind of detector is technically very mature, but due to the internal complex structure and control, the cost is relatively high. This structure can effectively solve the electrolysis edge effect inherent in the parallel electric plate structure. At the same time, the structure of the cylinder itself and the special air intake method can maintain the smoothness of the air flow, and the detection accuracy of the number and size of ions is greatly improved.

In the past, my country focused on monitoring negative indicators that are harmful to the atmosphere and the environment or harmful to the human body, such as CO2, SO2, PM2.5, PM10 and other meteorological elements, while ignoring the positive direction that will reflect the effectiveness of ecological construction. The indicators are included in the scope of monitoring, which is a shortcoming of our country's atmospheric and environmental monitoring work.

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