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The stranded typhoon 'fireworks' makes rainfall monitoring more important

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-26
The stranded typhoon 'fireworks' makes rainfall monitoring more important
In recent days, the No. 6 typhoon of this year has stayed on the land of our country. A beautiful name, put together with the typhoon, loses 'goodness'. Although the typhoon advances slowly, its power cannot be underestimated. The characteristic is the continuous storm.

According to statistics, the typhoon stayed in the Yangtze River Delta for four days. The accumulated rainfall in the area exceeded 700 mm, which exceeded the annual average rainfall level, breaking a historical record. This rare heavy rain caused floods in many places, threatening people's lives and property.

Nowadays, the typhoon still continues to move northward. Due to the typhoon, the rainfall in some areas is still increasing. For the sake of people’s safety, major agencies and relevant departments have urgently deployed and issued multiple regional announcements to temporarily cancel offline activities. According to the notice, many trains are in a state of suspension...

In the case of typhoons and heavy rains, rainfall monitoring has been put on the agenda and has become the focus of the work of relevant industry personnel. In order to monitor the rainfall situation in real time, help the relevant departments to grasp the status of the flood season, early warning of safety accidents, and assist in the fight against floods, a rainfall monitoring system was launched, which is composed of a rainfall weather station, a solar power supply system, network communication technology and a cloud platform.

Rainfall weather station: Rainfall weather station is a special monitoring station for measuring rainfall. It uses a high-strength 2.5-meter pole mounting frame outdoors and can collect 1 channel of rainfall (total rainfall + instantaneous rainfall + yesterday's rainfall + current rainfall) , Resistant to severe weather such as strong wind, rainfall, snowfall, etc., and can work outdoors for a long time. In addition to the tipping bucket rain gauge, the rainfall weather station can also choose to install wind speed and direction sensors or shutter boxes.

Solar power supply system: the power supply adopts solar power system. For use in the field, forest fire prevention, mountain torrent monitoring and other occasions where there is no mains power supply, the rainfall monitoring system can provide 60W solar panels with lead storage batteries for power supply. The system has a built-in wide-temperature colloidal maintenance-free battery. In a sunny day, the lead battery can be fully charged in 7.5 hours. The fully charged lead battery can work for seven days in continuous rainy and cloudy days, which is convenient for application in harsh outdoor environments.

Network communication technology: Network communication technology plays a role in transmitting data. The rainfall monitoring system uses 4G signal output to upload data to the environmental monitoring cloud platform, which is easy to use and does not require wiring.

Cloud platform: The rainfall monitoring system can directly upload data to our environmental monitoring cloud platform. Managers can view the monitored period of rainfall, daily rainfall and other data in real time through the web or mobile client anytime and anywhere, and support generation Curve reports are available for management personnel to view; historical data can also be downloaded to the computer with EXCEL for further analysis and research.

It has a wide range of applications, such as agriculture and forestry, reservoirs, meteorological bureaus, highways, airports and ports, etc. You can see the 'hard work' of the rainfall monitoring system. In addition, the rainfall monitoring system has an automatic warning function. When the monitored rainfall exceeds the set rainfall value, it will promptly send warning information to the management personnel in order to take preventive measures in time to minimize the loss, especially suitable for mountain torrents. Disaster area. I also want to remind everyone that the typhoon is still 'advancing

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