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The 'White Moonlight' of the Lawn Spodoptera: Insect Situation Forecasting Instrument

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-12
The 'White Moonlight' of the Grasshopper Moth——Insect Situation Forecasting Instrument
'With the gradual rise in temperature, the population of Spodoptera frugiperda will enter a rapid proliferation stage. It is expected that Spodoptera frugiperda will begin to damage in various counties and districts. We hope that the majority of farmers and friends will strengthen their protection...' Early warning messages from the local plant protection department are being broadcast at home.

'Cut, I flew all the way, just your little means can stop me?' After the words, the moth Xiaolu did not stop, and continued to fly towards the distant cornfield.

Spodoptera frugiperda is native to tropical America and has strong migratory ability. It will migrate to the eastern United States and southern Canada every year when the temperature warms up. There have been several drafts in the history of the United States. The infestation of moths. Since 2016, Spodoptera frugiperda has spread to African and Asian countries. In January 2019, it was introduced from Myanmar to Yunnan Province, China, and gradually spread to southern provinces and cities, causing certain losses to my country's agricultural production.

Noctuidae Xiaolu flew straight towards the cornfield in front of him, until a gleam of light in the front left changed his direction, and the phototaxis of the Noctuidae itself caused Xiaolu to turn around and rush towards it, full of temptation. The light. Until one head hit the neglected impact screen and fell into the insect box and met other pests, Xiaolu couldn't figure out why the 'white moonlight' became the catastrophe for its insects.

Of course, the insect situation analyzer will not give it a chance to figure it out.

After the insect situation forecasting instrument traps Spodoptera exigua by the principle of black light trapping, it automatically uses the upper and lower far-infrared insect body processing chambers to process the comatose little green. The lethality rate of insect body treatment is not high. Less than 98%, the completeness rate of the insect body is not less than 95%, which ensures the integrity of the small green insect body, and then enters the drying warehouse for secondary treatment to more effectively complete the insect body preservation work. Then the small green insects are sent to the dispersing and tiling mechanism, and the small greens and other insects are evenly scattered and laid on the conveyor belt through vibration. The conveyor belt accurately transports them to the photographing area to ensure that every insect feature can be photographed. It is clear to lay a good foundation for AI recognition; the high-definition camera automatically completes the photographing and imaging, and uploads it to the cloud platform using the 4G network for statistical analysis of AI recognition.

The developed insect situation forecasting instrument uses wireless transmission technology and Internet of Things technology to upload environmental weather and insect pests to the cloud platform, analyze and predict the occurrence and development of insect pests, and provide services for modern agriculture. The needs of insect forecasting and specimen collection.

Equipment function of the insect detection and reporting instrument:

l Light control technology, automatic power-on detection at night, automatic light-off standby during the day, and night working state, not subject to momentary glare to change the working state.

l Rain and insect separation technology can automatically drain rainwater and automatically separate rainwater from insects.

l The device has a built-in high-definition camera, supports two working modes of automatic photo and remote manual photo, 4G/Ethernet remote upload.

l Built-in positioning function, you can view the device site and other data on the platform map, which is convenient for users to view.

l There are blinds around the lamp to effectively prevent non-target large bugs or leaves and other debris from entering the device and affecting Insect body recognition.

After a meal, the insect situation forecasting instrument standing in the field successfully uploaded the important information of Spodoptera frugiperda’s entry into the area from the 4G/RJ45 network to the cloud platform and passed it to the relevant management personnel. The moth can be prevented, controlled and killed in time to reduce the source of exogenous insects, reduce the pressure of prevention and control in corn production areas, and play a real monitoring and blocking role to ensure my country's grain output.

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