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The 'wisdom' of the chicken coop smart breeding program to pass the winter

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-03
The 'wisdom' of the chicken coop smart breeding program for the winter
The China Meteorological Administration predicts that the cold air affecting my country will continue to be active in the next ten days, but its influence will be significantly weaker than in the first ten days. From 12 to 14 days, the temperature in most parts of the country has risen obviously; after that, strong cold air will affect our country. Meteorological experts reminded that the cold air activity has been frequent recently, and the wind chill effect in the central and eastern regions is obvious due to the continuous low temperature and strong wind. All localities still need to be aware of the impact of strong winds and cooling on facility agriculture and animal husbandry, and do a good job in strengthening the sheds and keeping cold and warm.

The quality of the breeding environment has a great influence on the growth of livestock and poultry. Changes in factors such as temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and ammonia in the environment will directly affect the growth and reproduction of livestock and poultry. Take chicken farming as an example. In winter, the climate is cold, and the reduction of humidity in the air can easily bring adverse effects on the growth of chickens.

The problem of raising chickens in winter

In winter, especially when the cold wave arrives, the required temperature in the house differs greatly from the outside temperature. During ventilation, the flocks are likely to cause stress and resistance due to excessive temperature differences. The weakened power can cause disease; or due to the sudden drop in temperature, the cold protection and heat preservation work can not keep up, which leads to the epidemic of disease in the flock.

Some farmers neglect ventilation in order to maintain the temperature in the chicken house, because the excrement of the chickens is not removed in time, which leads to the accumulation of ammonia in the chicken house and the increase in concentration, which causes the chickens to be poisoned or caused by ammonia. Other diseases.

The temperature in winter is low, the energy consumption of chickens is large, and the concentration of carbon dioxide increases. The chickens in the house are prone to chronic toxicity caused by hypoxia, which reduces the appetite of the chickens and weakens their physical fitness.

What about raising chickens in winter?

With the continuous development of the Internet of Things technology, the application range of sensors continues to expand, and the intelligent breeding program for chicken coops is also coming! The intelligent breeding program of chicken house is composed of perception layer, transmission layer and application layer. Through real-time monitoring of the environment in the chicken house, it helps managers to regulate and control the unfavorable factors in the chicken house in time.

1. Sensing layer: sensor

1. Temperature and humidity transmitter: real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity in the chicken house to ensure that the chicken flock is in a suitable temperature and humidity environment for growth.

2. Light transmitter: monitor the light intensity in the chicken house to ensure the normal development of the chicken.

3. Carbon dioxide transmitter: accurately monitor the concentration of carbon dioxide in the chicken house, improve the production capacity of chickens, and reduce the incidence of disease.

4. Ammonia transmitter: monitor the ammonia concentration in the chicken house to avoid excessive ammonia concentration causing the epidemic of respiratory diseases in the flock.

2. Transmission layer

The environmental monitoring host RS-XZJ-100-Y can be connected to 32 485 transmitters installed in the farm, through GPRS/4G wireless or 485, Ethernet wired mode , Transmit the data collected by the front-end sensors to the environmental monitoring platform.

3. Application layer: Environmental monitoring platform

The interface of PeopleSoft environmental monitoring platform is completely neutral, which can realize real-time data reception, viewing, storage, processing, statistical analysis, and provide historical data query and other services, support Multi-level authority to access and download historical data, as well as the alarm function of value exceeding limit. The monitoring platform supports remote viewing from multiple terminals such as mobile phones and computers.

Combined with the particularity of chicken house breeding, the monitoring platform introduces video monitoring function, which can be connected to the Haikang camera to monitor video images. Using video monitoring technology, the system can more intuitively reflect the growth trend of chickens in the house , Managers can remotely judge the status of the chicken flock by observing the video screen, grasp and respond to emergencies in the chicken coop in time, and provide a more scientific decision-making basis for the breeding as a whole.

Detailed management of chicken breeding determines success or failure. Each of the daily management items of temperature, humidity, ventilation, density, light, and drinking water needs to be taken seriously. When the cold wave is coming, any careless management of the chicken house will have a serious impact on the chickens and cause a lot of losses. Through real-time monitoring of the environment of the chicken house, the environment in the chicken house can be adjusted in time to ensure that the chickens can also be warm and warm. Through this cold winter.

In addition, winter is the season for high fires, and the grid load is high in cold weather, so everyone must pay special attention to electricity safety.

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