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Things that have to be said between smart agriculture and 'cosmic Shouguang'

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-17
Things that have to be said between smart agriculture and 'cosmic Shouguang'
On the Internet, Shandong people have a joke 'Jinan in Shandong, Qingdao in China, Weifang in the world, and Shouguang in the universe'.

As the provincial capital of Shandong, Jinan is destined to be inseparable from Shandong; Qingdao is not only a city listed in the national plan and a sub-provincial city, but also a hub city for the 'One Belt, One Road' strategy and has been active on the world stage. ; And Weifang, as the well-known 'World Kite CapitalThe first three cities are easier to understand, but Shouguang is the only small city that is not well known. So what is it worthy of praise that it can be dubbed the title of 'universe'? Let's take a look at it with the article below.

Shouguang is dubbed the 'universe, Together with California of the United States, Lansing Glen of the Netherlands, and Almeria of Spain, are also known as the four largest vegetable bases in the world.

Today we can eat fresh vegetables in winter thanks to the 'winter warm' vegetable greenhouse invented by Shouguang. It can be said that the vegetable greenhouse in Shouguang has rewritten the history of Chinese agriculture. So the question is, what is a 'winter warm' vegetable greenhouse?

'Winter-warming' vegetable greenhouse

'Winter-warming' vegetable greenhouse is actually a kind of greenhouse based on a smart agricultural system. Agriculture uses sensor technology, cloud platform technology, and Internet of Things technology to monitor the greenhouse environment, improve the production efficiency of modern agriculture, and improve the competitiveness and sustainable development of agricultural products.

Smart agricultural greenhouse monitoring system

The smart greenhouse monitoring system is divided into three parts: perception layer, transmission layer and application layer. It uses environmental data and crop information to realize all-round dynamic monitoring in agricultural growth areas , Instruct users to carry out correct cultivation management, effectively prevent agricultural disasters such as insect and waterlogging disasters, and improve agricultural production efficiency.

1. Sensing layer

The various sensor devices installed in the greenhouse are like the eyes and ears of the smart greenhouse, which collect air temperature and humidity, soil moisture temperature, carbon dioxide concentration, and light in real time. Intensity and video images and other information, real-time monitoring of the growth environment and growth conditions of crops.

2. Transmission layer

According to the actual conditions of the site, you can choose RS485, Ethernet, GPRS/4G/5G, NB-IOT, Bluetooth, WIFI and other methods to collect the sensing layer Upload the data to the monitoring terminal to achieve the communication between hardware and software.

3. Application layer

The application layer of the smart agricultural greenhouse monitoring system refers to the smart greenhouse monitoring platform, which can analyze and process the collected data, and automatically control the greenhouse humidity in time based on the data. Curtain fans, sprinkler drip irrigation, internal and external shading, heating and lighting and other equipment can timely adjust the environment in the greenhouse to the best growth environment for crops. At the same time, the system can display real-time data in the greenhouse through the display screen, and can also push real-time monitoring information and alarm information to greenhouse managers through information terminals such as mobile phones, Pads, and computers, providing real-time feedback for changes in the production environment, and realizing greenhouse informatization , Intelligent remote management.

In fact, not only Shouguang vegetables, but also the cultivation of vegetables in any area in the north in winter are closely related to vegetable greenhouses. Smart agriculture has made great contributions to solving the problem of people in the north that can eat fresh vegetables in winter. .

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