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Those things about sandstorms and fugitive dust monitoring systems

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-27
Those things about sandstorms and dust monitoring systems
Sandstorms are more common in autumn and winter. Sandstorms are particularly prominent in my country, especially in the north. In addition to climate and geological reasons, human factors also account for a large proportion, such as: open-air work on the street, sandy soil Pile, coal powder, a large amount of dust generated by construction, and dust brought by cement production enterprises. These pollution sources will release a large amount of dust into the air in windy weather, etc., making PM2.5 values u200bu200bin some areas far exceed national standards. People's lives, health, and traffic safety are endangered.

In addition to causing confusion to people’s lives, dust in the open air also brings difficulties to environmental protection agencies in monitoring and law enforcement due to the uncertainty and discontinuity of dust emissions. Although the traditional manual detection technology has the advantages of reliable data and more systematic detection, it needs to collect a large number of on-site samples and spend a lot of manpower and material resources. In order to diversify the collection and analysis methods, more sophisticated equipment and Technicians have higher technical requirements. This is undoubtedly a great difficulty for the grassroots environmental protection department.

Flying dust monitoring system

In view of the above difficult situation of monitoring and law enforcement, combined with the actual situation, a set of dust monitoring system that can be connected to the local environmental protection bureau was launched to improve the detection rate. It is the basic environmental protection department, on-site processing and administration Law enforcement provides historical data support.

The function of the dust monitoring system

The docking of the dust monitoring system with the Environmental Protection Bureau

Due to different local policies, most of the municipal environmental protection departments can realize the docking with the government platform through GPRS/4G, but There are a few environmental protection platforms in prefectures and cities that require network ports to connect to each other. In addition to supporting GPRS/4G data docking, the noise and dust monitoring system also supports docking via TCP/IP protocol, MODBUS RTU and other protocols.

There is no charge for connecting the dust detector to the Environmental Protection Agency. First of all, the government does not charge engineering fees. Secondly, the dust monitor can be docked with the platform of the Environmental Protection Agency, which is a function that the dust detector equipment should have. Therefore, the manufacturer of the dust detector equipment should not charge a fee. The customer only needs to provide the government platform docking agreement (the local government platform will provide it). The technician confirms whether it can be docked, and after confirming that it can be docked, the government platform can be docked free of charge.

Specific functions of the dust monitoring system

The dust monitoring system continuously monitors the environment and uploads data in real time. The main monitoring items are inhalable particulate matter, which can be divided into sensing layer, transmission layer and application layer according to different functions.

The dust monitoring system is mainly used for online dust monitoring, environmental protection, weather stations, tunnels, etc. Construction areas, etc.; online real-time automatic monitoring of ambient air quality, and can obtain evidence through cameras; real-time data obtained from weather station monitoring and tunnel subway stations can be transmitted to environmental monitoring through wired or wireless networks in a timely manner for easy management and control.

The perception layer and the transmission layer are video surveillance systems, noise surveillance systems, meteorological systems, data acquisition systems, and communication systems. Because these two items have been described a lot in the previous article, today we will focus on the application layer, which is the dust monitoring cloud platform.

Flying dust monitoring cloud platform

Flying dust monitoring cloud platform is an environmental monitoring platform deployed in the cloud, which can solve the inconvenience of customers' self-built servers without public IP, external network attacks, cumbersome routine maintenance, frequent power outages, etc. , The cloud platform can realize the functions of real-time data viewing, historical data viewing, exporting, and various methods of alarming.

The cloud platform can simultaneously monitor the real-time information of 16 environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, noise, light, PM10, PM2.5, wind speed, wind direction, and atmospheric pressure. The interface is simple and can monitor data changes in real time. The unique equipment visualization and large-screen visualization design page is convenient for supervisors to monitor. You can view multiple monitoring locations, automatically bounce the alarm box, and quickly find alarms and offline devices. The map displays the location of the device. The coordinate points of the problem device can quickly change color, and the problem device can be quickly found on the map. It has a comprehensive analysis interface to quickly summarize the problems of the monitoring environment.

The cloud platform can be connected to a surveillance camera to view specific changes in the monitored construction site environment in real time. Support historical data, alarm data export, in line with government archiving requirements. With a ranking interface for equipment monitoring environment, you can view the quality of the environment in multiple locations.

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