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Tire warehouse temperature and humidity monitoring solution

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-01
Tire warehouse temperature and humidity monitoring solution
Project background:

New tires or unused tires are not simply placed. Improper storage will affect the service life of the tires. The tires should be placed in a dry warehouse, protected from the sun and rain, and should not be overly ventilated. There are also strict requirements on temperature and humidity: the temperature should be controlled at -10~30℃, and the relative humidity should be at 50%~80%.

Under normal circumstances, the tire warehouse will be equipped with thermometers and hygrometers, which require warehouse managers to check and manually record the temperature and humidity, which has problems such as untimely measurement, large data errors, and large manpower consumption.

Program introduction:

In order to reduce the management pressure of tire warehouse managers and provide a more suitable storage environment for tires, the tire warehouse temperature and humidity monitoring solution was introduced. This program includes sensing layer, transmission layer, and application layer The three parts are composed of WIFI temperature and humidity recorder (RS-WS-WIFI-6) and environmental monitoring cloud platform.

This solution can upload the data collected by the temperature and humidity sensor to the environmental monitoring cloud platform via WIFI to achieve 24-hour uninterrupted online monitoring, and supports mobile phone remote viewing of data, historical data curve viewing, data abnormal alarms, and centralized monitoring. Screen display and other functions.

Sensing layer:

The sensing layer of this solution is a WIFI temperature and humidity recorder. The product is industrial grade. The WIFI communication network is used to realize long-distance data collection and transmission, and then Realize the centralized monitoring of temperature and humidity data. It can greatly reduce the amount of wiring construction, improve construction efficiency and reduce costs.

● The product adopts a large-screen LCD display, with dual control of temperature and humidity upper and lower limits, free setting of limits, temperature and humidity calibration with passwords, WIFI data transmission and other functions;

● Internal integrated alarm function module (bee Buzzer or relay), which can realize high and low temperature alarms and high and low humidity alarms. It has 2 normally open contacts, which can be arbitrarily associated with alarm output;

● This product is used in warehouses, computer room monitoring systems, power monitoring systems, security engineering, medical and health monitoring, energy consumption monitoring systems, smart homes and other fields widely used.

Transmission layer:

The transmission layer is the core of data communication and the main channel for data transmission. The transmission layer of the WIFI temperature and humidity monitoring solution adopts WIFI communication network, which has wide coverage, multiple connections, fast speed and cost. Features such as low, low power consumption, excellent architecture, and strong real-time performance.

High speed and low cost: WIFI network bandwidth is relatively large and the speed is fast. And the WiFi network is convenient, only need to connect, the protocol is unified, and the TCP/IP protocol is used.

Wide coverage and multiple connections: WIFI radio waves cover a wide range, and the unobstructed radius can reach about 100 meters, and it can link multiple WIFI temperature and humidity sensors at the same time.

Low power consumption and excellent architecture: WIFI power consumption is small, and the architecture is excellent, no wiring is required, and it is not restricted by wiring conditions.

Application layer:

The application layer of the solution refers to the environmental monitoring cloud platform (). The platform can realize real-time monitoring of the location, device type and data of the WIFI temperature and humidity monitoring solution. It also has the ability to use mobile phones, Information terminals such as pads and computers push functions such as real-time monitoring information, historical data curve viewing, and alarm information to managers to facilitate timely maintenance by staff and improve the stability and reliability of the entire temperature and humidity environment.

Yunkongtong APP: In order to facilitate mobile terminal users to monitor data, the 'Yunkongtong' mobile phone APP has been developed and launched, which is convenient for users to monitor in real time 24 hours a day. You can log in to the cloud platform through your account and password, and control tens of thousands of devices with one click. It supports video viewing, equipment failure/abnormal alarm, offline alarm function, real-time data viewing, historical data curve viewing, and it can also connect to a Bluetooth printer for data printing, which is powerful.

Program function:

Data alarm push

WiFi devices can send SMS alarms through the platform when the data is abnormal and when the power is off, as well as free WeChat alarms and APP push.

Historical data curve

The equipment information of each monitoring point can be inquired through the system, and the equipment monitoring data and historical data can be inquired.

Mobile phone APP monitoring

APP can move online monitoring of temperature and humidity data, real-time query, can locate the alarm location, can query the information of alarm equipment, etc.

SMS remote configuration

If users are far away from the device, they can use mobile phone text messages to realize remote configuration of the device.

Secondary development

The company's cloud platform is free, the interface is completely neutral, and it supports users' secondary development.

Real-time monitoring

The temperature data of the measured environment can be viewed in real time through the monitoring system software on the computer.

Real-time map

The map displays the device location, online status and some data information in real-time.

Account classification

Supports account classification management, multiple sub-accounts can be assigned to the main account, with different account levels and different permissions.

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