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To prevent agricultural meteorological disasters, start with the installation of a weather monitoring system

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-21
To prevent agricultural meteorological disasters, start with the installation of a weather monitoring system
China is a large agricultural country. From ancient times to the present, there have been countless agricultural losses caused by meteorological factors. Today, when the output value of crops can be quantified, the annual losses can reach tens of billions, which is evident in the agro-meteorological hazards. To prevent and reduce agricultural losses caused by meteorological disasters, we need to monitor the weather in real time, so installing a weather monitoring system is a good choice.

Meteorological monitoring system plays a vital role in agricultural disaster prevention and mitigation and agricultural production activities. Meteorological monitoring can be roughly divided into traditional agricultural observations and agricultural meteorological monitoring systems based on sensor technology.

Traditional agricultural observations are mainly manual observations. The technology is relatively backward and laborious, and the effect is not significant.

The meteorological monitoring system is based on sensor technology, which can provide a basic guarantee for agricultural production. With the widespread use of the meteorological monitoring system, the meteorological monitoring system uses the advantages of advanced information technology to achieve efficient collection and transmission of meteorological data. It also greatly improves the collection efficiency of meteorological parameters.

Meteorological monitoring system

The meteorological monitoring system applied to agriculture can automatically collect and store the temperature, humidity, light intensity, rainfall, soil temperature, wind direction, wind speed, atmospheric pressure and other meteorological data of the environment. , Transmission, and linearization processing and related content analysis, generating information and services that cannot be provided by manual conventional observations, making it easier, faster, and better to use meteorological data, so that the observed data becomes real and useful information.

The agro-meteorological monitoring system is composed of agro-meteorological stations, communication technology and management software, and has functions such as remote equipment management, data viewing, and data analysis.

The components of the weather monitoring system from the monitoring terminal to the system terminal are: weather sensor, weather station support part, solar panel and battery part, collector and transmission module part, and background computer terminal.

Meteorological sensor: The main function of the sensor part is to monitor the information of meteorological elements. By installing rain gauges, weather shutters, wind speed and direction sensors and other equipment to monitor wind speed, wind direction, PM2.5, light, carbon dioxide, air pressure, rainfall , Air temperature, air humidity, rain and snow and many other meteorological factors.

Weather station bracket: The weather station bracket part is not only used to place sensors, collectors, transmission modules, and solar panels, it can also support weather stations for weather monitoring in the face of severe weather.

Solar panels and batteries: The system has two power supply methods, solar panels and batteries. These two power supply methods can be used in combination to provide power support to ensure that the weather station can work uninterrupted 24 hours a day.

Collector and transmission module: The main function of the collector and transmission module is to collect and transmit meteorological element data. The main function of the collector is to collect the meteorological elements, and then collect the data through wireless transmission. Send to the background computer.

Meteorological monitoring cloud platform: The main function of the meteorological monitoring cloud platform is to display and store data. It can be used for real-time monitoring, historical data query, over-limit remote alarm, data export in Excel, PDF file format and other functions, providing visualization Graphic output, data analysis.

Atmospheric motion and weather and climate evolution have the characteristics of various rhythms or cycles, and the early and late stages of the weather and climate evolution process are also related to a certain extent. Compared with wide-area weather forecasts, the accuracy of regional weather monitoring of agricultural planting environments using agricultural weather stations is usually higher than that of weather forecasts. These monitored meteorological data are of great significance for studying the different effects of agro-meteorological conditions on different growth stages of crops.

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