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Treasury Leakage Monitoring Solution

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-07
Treasury Leakage Monitoring Solution
Project background

As a storage place, the warehouse is used to store a variety of goods. The main point of warehouse storage is to prevent the goods from becoming moldy and deteriorating. Therefore, attention must be paid to the environmental management of the warehouse. Protecting the safety of goods in the warehouse is the main task of warehouse management. Water leakage is one of the safety threats to the warehouse. Leaking in the warehouse will cause the warehouse to be flooded, damp, and moldy, which will directly cause economic losses.

The main hidden dangers of water leakage in the warehouse:

1. Rainwater flows into the warehouse along the windows in rainy days.

2, indoor ceiling leaks.

3. The fire hose is ruptured and leaking.

4. The indoor constant temperature and humidity air conditioner is leaking.

5. Sudden burst of the water pipe caused water to accumulate.


In recent years, news of disputes caused by economic losses caused by water leaks in warehouses has frequently appeared, which also reflects that many warehouses’ water leakage prevention measures are not enough. Water leakage in large warehouses is difficult to find and find water leakage points manually. Therefore, it is very necessary to install water leakage monitoring equipment in the warehouse.

Introduction to the program

The warehouse leakage monitoring solution is a monitoring program specially designed to monitor whether there is water leakage in the warehouse. This solution includes three parts: perception layer, transmission layer, and application layer. It is composed of wall-mounted king-shaped shell water sensor (RS-SJ-N01-2), environmental monitoring host and RS-RJ-K software platform.

This solution can transmit the data collected by the water sensor to the local software platform through the Ethernet cable of the environmental monitoring host, realizing 24-hour uninterrupted online monitoring. Efficiently replace manual inspections to monitor water leakage in all water source areas such as rainwater leakage and water pipes.

Program composition

Wall-mounted king-shaped shell water immersion sensor

Model: RS-SJ-N01-2

Adopting AC detection technology, effectively avoiding The immersion electrode has been working for a long time and oxidizes, which leads to the problem of decreased water leakage sensitivity. The device can choose 485 output, switch quantity dry contact output. The 485 output is standard ModBus-RTU, and the maximum communication distance is 2000 meters. It can be directly connected to the on-site PLC, industrial control instrument, configuration screen or configuration software. The maximum distance of the external leakage electrode can reach 30 meters, and the external leakage rope of up to 30 meters can also be connected. The equipment adopts a waterproof shell with a high degree of protection, and can be used for a long time in harsh environments such as dampness and high dust.

1. Patent

It uses alternating current to collect the inductance parameters of stagnant water to accurately distinguish whether flooding occurs, even pure water and tap water. Because of the use of alternating current detection, the electrode will not produce electrophoretic polarization even if it is immersed for a long time, and it does not rely on special electrodes to achieve long life and reliable detection.

2, 24 hours a day guarding

The sensor has stable performance and can work for a long time without interruption, giving you intimate protection 24 hours a day.

3. Report when touched by water

Highly sensitive, the leaking rope is used to detect the leakage of conductive liquid. By connecting to our environmental monitoring host, it will start once liquid intrusion is detected anywhere along the wire Alarm.

Environmental monitoring host

Model: RS-XZJ-100-Y

Environmental monitoring host is a multifunctional monitoring host. Through the RS485 interface, all our RS485 sensors can be connected to the environmental monitoring host, and the data can be uploaded to the local software platform provided by our company in real time.

● The device supports GPRS/4G, Ethernet, RS485 wired and other methods to upload data, users can choose the corresponding sub-model products according to actual needs;

● The device has a built-in large-screen LCD, and the interface is friendly and easy Operation;

● Built-in data storage, which can store 520,000 records;

● With 2 alarm relay contact outputs;

● It can automatically identify whether the RS485 interface slave device is working normally;< /p>● The 8-bit address of the device is easy to manage and identify, and it can be used with a variety of software platforms provided by our company.

Local software platform


RS-RJ-K monitoring platform is an environmental monitoring platform software, the software can run on WIN Server 2008, WIN7, WIN8 , WIN10 and other operating systems, with support for voice alarm, email alarm, and SMS alarm. Support device name customization, data unit, conversion function customization, remote Web access, and device authority management.

Program function

1. Real-time monitoring

You can view the water immersion situation of the measured environment in real time through the local-K software on the computer.

2. Over-limit alarm

The device can give pop-up prompts and audible alarms through the platform when the data is abnormal.

3. Account classification

Supports account classification management. Multiple sub-accounts can be assigned to the main account, with different account levels and different permissions.

4. Historical data management

The equipment information of each monitoring point can be inquired through the system. Support managers to view, download, and print all historical data at any time in time periods.

5. Real-time data viewing

Data can be viewed in real-time through multiple methods such as list display, floor plan display, real-time map display, and real-time curve. Users can choose according to their needs.

6. Relay control

It can remotely control the opening and closing of the relay switch.

7. Large-screen visualization

The environmental monitoring data of each regional warehouse is clear and intuitive, which is convenient for the administrator to view the system.

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