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Tunnel flooding monitoring solution

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-28
Tunnel flooding monitoring solution
Project background:

During the operation of the tunnel, accidents caused by water leakage in the tunnel often occur. The water leakage will affect the structural stability of the tunnel, the facilities in the tunnel, the safety of traffic, the ground construction and the water around the tunnel. The environment has produced many adverse effects, constantly threatening the safety of national property and people's lives.

At present, the traditional domestic tunnel leakage monitoring method is mainly to arrange personnel to conduct regular inspections on the tunnel. As the depth level of tunnels increases, the environment becomes more complex, and the requirements for tunnel inspections continue to increase, the inspection range and workload of tunnel inspections are gradually increasing. However, the traditional manual inspection methods rely too much on the senses and experience of the inspectors, leading to occasional missed inspections and false inspections, and various hidden dangers. At the same time, the traditional monitoring technology is mainly manual hand-held inspection, with large patrol inspection dispersion, long cycle, low efficiency, complex inspection data management, and unable to continuously track and inspect the tunnel status, which is not conducive to timely detection of defects and defects caused by tunnel leakage. Latent failure.

Therefore, in order to discover hidden water leakage safety hazards in time and achieve comprehensive real-time control of tunnel leakage conditions, a set of tunnel flooding monitoring solutions was introduced.

Scheme introduction:

The tunnel flooding monitoring solution is mainly composed of the sensing layer, the transmission layer and the application layer; the sensing layer is a positioning water sensor, the transmission layer is the environmental monitoring host, and the application layer is the environmental monitoring It consists of cloud platform and RS-RJ-K monitoring platform.

The perception layer of the solution adopts RS485 wiring, directly connected to the environmental monitoring host, and then uploaded to the cloud platform through GPRS/4G or uploaded to the local monitoring platform through the company's intranet to achieve 24-hour uninterrupted online monitoring.

In addition, the solution also supports functions such as over-limit phone calls, SMS alarms, remote viewing of data, and historical data curve viewing, and uses a variety of methods to ensure the safety of the tunnel.

Positioning type water immersion sensor:

Positioning type water immersion transmitter RS-SJ-DW-N01R01-1 can intuitively check the location of water leakage, using 128*64 high-definition LCD liquid crystal display , The product can be used as a stand-alone unit, or it can be connected to other collection hosts for network use.

Alarm mode: relay, sound alarm, RS485 mode alarm, LCD screen display alarm;

Using standard Modbus-RTU protocol, it is convenient to monitor whether there is water leakage in the scene and integrate, and the longest can detect 200 meters Leakage sensing cable;

After the leakage sensing cable detects the leakage, it will sound an alarm and transmit the alarm signal to the integrated terminal at the same time to close the relay, and display the leakage location on the LCD screen;

< /p>Environmental monitoring host:

This small host is a multifunctional monitoring host developed for tunnels and other environmental monitoring places. All of our RS485 sensors can be connected to the environmental monitoring host through the RS485 interface. And upload the data in real time to the free cloud platform provided by our company ().

The device supports GPRS/4G, Ethernet, RS485 wired and other methods to upload data;

Powerful offline SMS alarm function, the alarm content can be customized (function optional);

Large-screen Chinese LCD display, simple and friendly interface;

Built-in data storage, can store 520,000 records;

It can automatically identify whether the RS485 interface slave device is working properly.

Cloud platform:

It can realize real-time monitoring of the location of monitoring points, equipment types and real-time data of the tunnel flooding monitoring solution, and it can also push real-time data to managers through information terminals such as mobile phones, Pads, and computers. Monitoring information, historical data curve viewing, and alarm information are convenient for staff to maintain in time, and improve the stability and reliability of the entire tunnel flood monitoring solution.

RS-RJ-K monitoring platform:

RS-RJ-K monitoring platform is an environmental monitoring platform software, the software can run on WIN Server 2008, WIN7, WIN8, WIN10 and other operating systems, with voice Alarm, email alarm, SMS alarm, historical data curve viewing and other functions. Support device name customization, data unit, conversion function customization, remote Web access, and device authority management.

Yunkongtong APP:

In order to facilitate the mobile terminal users to monitor data, the company has developed and launched the 'Yunkongtong' mobile phone APP, which is convenient for users to monitor in real time 24 hours a day. Through the mobile APP 'Cloud Control Communication, Powerful.

Program function:

The tunnel flooding monitoring solution is a complete water leakage detection system composed of multiple flooding sensors. The solution has six major functions: it can be monitored by the computer's monitoring system software View the flooding information of the measured environment in real time; the equipment information of each monitoring point can be queried through the system, and the equipment monitoring data and historical data can be inquired. Query alarm equipment information, etc.;

The company’s cloud platform is free, the interface is completely neutral, and supports the secondary development of user software; if the user is far away from the device, you can use mobile phone text messages to realize remote configuration of the device; a certain parameter exceeds When the value is safe, it can provide interface alarm, sound and light alarm, SMS, telephone, mail alarm and other alarm methods, and record the event for call and analysis.

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