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Types and scope of use of pressure sensors and pressure transmitters

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-26
According to different application scenarios and needs, we need to make a reasonable selection of pressure sensors. The principle of selection is to provide an economical price that meets its purpose, pressure sensor range, accuracy, temperature range, electrical and mechanical requirements.

Confirm the type of measuring pressure transmitter

The development of pressure and sensor technology can be divided into measuring mental pressure, relative economic pressure to the atmosphere and differential pressure. When there is no pressure in the measurement, the sensor's own culture has a vacuum reference pressure. The measured pressure has nothing to do with the atmospheric pressure, but is relative to the vacuum. The relative working pressure to the atmosphere is mainly based on the Chinese atmospheric pressure as the reference pressure, so the side of the elastic membrane through the sensor is always connected to the atmosphere. In addition, the two sides of the elastic membrane of the sensor can also be used as the inlet fluid pressure, so that the differential pressure of the fluid at different times and locations or between the fluids can be measured. Pressure sensors of different social structures should be selected for different product uses of the enterprise.

Confirm the range of the pressure sensor

Generally speaking, a sensor with a pressure range greater than 1.5 times the maximum pressure range should be selected. In many test systems, especially in the process of hydraulic measurement and processing, there are peaks and continuous irregular fluctuations. These fluctuations will destroy the pressure sensor and cause the pressure value to continue to rise or slightly exceed the large calibration value of the sensor/transmitter , Thereby shortening the service life of the sensor.

As the loader grabs the instantaneous impact of the more rigorous test of the sensor, in this case, more than 3 times the safety overload is usually required, but it will affect its overall accuracy. Damping devices can also be used to reduce pressure surges, but this reduces the response speed of the sensor. Therefore, the selection of the sensor or pressure transmitter fully considers the stability of the pressure range and its accuracy, and selects the appropriate solution.

Confirm the working pressure and the measuring medium of the sensor

Generally speaking, viscous liquids (such as crude oil), coal slurry, mud and other sediments tend to block the pressure data interface and affect the normal development of research sensors. This learning situation requires network isolation The membrane (that is, the flat membrane structure) sensor is in direct contact with the medium to perform social pressure control measurement. When the solvent contains corrosive substances, the pressure sensor should be made of materials compatible with these different media as the isolation diaphragm, otherwise it will affect the economic life of the product.

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