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Ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor: beware of 'wind' risks

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-22
Ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor: beware of 'wind' risks
Recently, the violent storms caused by strong convective weather have made people call 'good guys'. Storm and thunder and lightning are coming, as dark clouds and violent winds blow down the city, the air conditioners on high-rise buildings 'hands and dances' in the wind and rain, the big trees are uprooted, and even the takeaway guys are holding telegraph poles to prevent them from being blown away. There are also netizens. He joked: Don't go out if the weather doesn't have 180 catties. Friends, can you imagine how big this 'monster wind' is?

In response to the frequent occurrence of severe convective weather in the near future, the China Meteorological Administration has issued the 'Working Plan for the Construction of Strong Convection (gale) Monitoring Service System (2021-2025)' (hereinafter referred to as the 'Plan'). The 'Plan' pointed out that in the context of climate change, my country's strong convective weather caused multiple thunderstorms, gales, tornadoes, etc. (hereinafter referred to as 'gale disasters') in recent years. In order to effectively prevent and reduce gale disasters, the meteorological department will strengthen scientific and technological innovation, consolidate grassroots capabilities, and build a strong convection (gale) monitoring service system with precise monitoring, accurate forecasting, fine service, and effective linkage.

In order to respond to national policies to measure wind speed in a timely and accurate manner and reduce wind disaster losses, the RS-CFSFX-N01-2 ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor was developed using the principle of ultrasonic waves. The casing of the device is made of ABS material, and the wind speed and direction are calculated by measuring the time difference of the receiving end through the transmitted sound wave pulse. It is equipped with 485 communication interface, standard MODBUS-RTU communication protocol, communication address and baud rate can be set, and the longest communication distance is 2000 meters. Built-in electronic compass (optional), which can be installed directly horizontally. There is no requirement for orientation, and maintenance and on-site calibration are not required. While outputting wind speed and direction, it can also output instantaneous values u200bu200bof wind speed and direction.

Working principle:

The device adopts the principle of ultrasound, with four built-in ultrasound probes, which can transmit and receive ultrasound in a two-dimensional plane, and measure the time difference of ultrasound propagation in the air. Wind speed and direction.

Product features:

No inertial measurement: no start-up wind speed limit, zero wind speed work, 360° omni-directional no angle limit, wind speed and wind direction data can be obtained at the same time, one machine has two benefits;

Integrated structure design: All components are concentrated in a shell, no exposed parts. Because there are no moving parts, the wear is small and the service life is long; the shell is made of ABS material, which is light in weight and easier to install and disassemble.

Small error: The device adopts an upside-down design and a smooth mirror design to avoid the interference of rain and dust, and can also delay the service life; using random error identification technology, the device can be guaranteed even under strong winds The low dispersion error of measurement makes the output more stable.

High degree of protection: The device uses 304 stainless steel columns, and the shell reaches IP66 protection level to ensure that the device is not easily deformed and corrosion-resistant; at the same time, the sensor is waterproof and can be used for outdoor work for a long time.

Easy installation: optional built-in electronic compass type equipment, only need to ensure horizontal installation during installation, no position requirements, no maintenance and on-site calibration, convenient for users to install .

Using the more advanced working principle and more accurate sensing ability, the ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor can be widely used in the measurement of wind speed and direction in the fields of meteorology, ocean, environment, airport, port, laboratory, industry, agriculture and transportation. . Wind speed is an important basis for the classification of wind power. Perceiving wind speed in advance can help people adjust various matters in production and life in a timely manner, make better use of wind power and reduce 'wind' risk losses.

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