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Understand the new regulations of dust prevention and control, and choose a dust monitoring system reasonably

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-18
Understand the new regulations of dust prevention and control, and choose a dust monitoring system reasonably
On May 7, the three departments of Jinan Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, Jinan Urban Management Bureau, and Jinan Administrative Approval Service Bureau jointly issued the 'Regarding Strengthening the Interaction of the City's Construction Dust Prevention and Treatment of Construction Waste Disposal 'Notice

As air pollution becomes more and more serious, the domestic construction industry has set off a boom from 'extensive' to 'environmental protection'. Many construction sites are required to install dust monitoring systems. For sites that do not meet the standards Carry out stoppage rectification.

1. Why is it mandatory to install a dust monitoring system?

The mandatory installation of a dust monitoring system can strengthen environmental management and urge enterprises to protect the environment. It is an important measure to strengthen normalized supervision. In addition, the installation of a dust monitoring system will not only help the macro-control of environmental governance. Therefore, it is necessary to choose to install a safe and legal dust monitoring system to ensure that the dust monitoring data can be uploaded to the EPA cloud platform.

It should be noted that: data upload to the cloud platform, according to different local policies, you can choose GPRS/4G data upload, network port networking and other upload methods.

However, no matter which docking method you choose, there is no charge for connecting the dust monitor to the EPA cloud platform. As long as the dust monitor has the function of data uploading and provides a platform docking agreement (issued by the local platform), after confirmation, it can complete the free docking with the EPA cloud platform, and it can be monitored in real time.

Second, how to choose a dust monitoring system that meets the standards?

The launched dust monitoring system is mainly for noise and dust monitoring on construction sites, and it is fully in line with national standards. The system consists of three parts: the sensing layer, the transmission layer and the application layer:

The device sensing layer is the dust detection The instrument can collect environmental data and upload it to the corresponding application platform in real time through data transmission;

The noise dust monitoring product uses the inspection principle of the laser dust sensor. When the laser irradiates the fine particles of the inspection part, it will cause a lot of Weak optical scattering. The optical scattering waveform in a special orientation is related to the particle diameter. According to the statistical analysis and formula conversion of the waveform classification of different particle sizes, the total concentration value of the real-time fine particles of different particle sizes can be obtained. When you check on the system software, you can know the real-time ambient air quality index values u200bu200bin the construction site, such as the values u200bu200bof PM2.5 and PM10.

Data transmission layer: Due to different local policies, most of the municipal environmental protection departments can realize the docking with the platform through GPRS/4G, but a few of the municipal environmental protection platforms require the network port to connect. In addition to supporting GPRS/4G data connection, the noise and dust monitoring system also supports connection through TCP/IP protocol, MODBUS RTU and other protocols.

Software application layer: In addition to uploading data to the platform, data can also be uploaded to a self-designed and built dust monitoring platform, receiving monitoring data transmitted through 4G/GPRS/Ethernet, and displaying it on the platform page to realize the The remote online monitoring of the environment can provide the project builder and departments at all levels with 24-hour real-time data of the on-site environment.

The dust monitoring cloud platform has real-time monitoring, large-screen visualization, electronic map, real-time data query, data statistics, real-time monitoring, on-site monitoring, single-site multi-parameter query, multi-site single-parameter query, alarm query, and sub Accounts, projects, equipment and other functions; it integrates multiple elements on site to achieve centralized monitoring and real-time monitoring and viewing; when the data exceeds the standard, it can send voice SMS alarms or email alarms to the person in charge; it can perform site rankings and data on the equipment Statistical analysis provides strong support for dispatching decision-making of specialized administrative departments at all levels.

With the gradual popularization of the Internet of Things, the dust monitoring system has realized the function of unmanned supervision and automatic work. It can grasp the environmental conditions of the construction in progress in real time without manual duty, saving manpower and material resources, and strengthening and improving the supervision At the same time, it can improve the ability to control the environmental pollution of the construction site, and greatly reduce the pollution of the construction site to the surrounding environment and the city.

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