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Vegetable prices continue to rise, effectively promoting the development of smart greenhouses

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-02
Vegetable prices continue to rise, effectively promoting the development of smart greenhouses
Recently, the price of vegetables has risen, which has aroused widespread concern in the society. The relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission responded on the 22nd that the current overall supply capacity of winter and spring vegetables is rising steadily, and the market supply is generally guaranteed. It is expected that with the implementation of relevant measures to ensure supply and price stabilization, the overall upward trend of vegetable prices will ease and it is expected to gradually return to the same period of the year.

In fact, vegetable prices are inevitable. There are three main reasons: first, winter is not the main supply season for vegetables, most of the vegetables are grown in greenhouses, and the planting cost has increased; second, because of the epidemic and unstable climate, the southern regions have dropped In the rare extreme weather of minus 6 degrees, the output of domestic vegetables has declined, and the cost of purchasing and transportation has risen, so that the price of vegetables can only rise at the same time; third, the arrival of the Spring Festival, consumers' demand for vegetables has increased.

In recent years, the growth of winter vegetables has also promoted the development of vegetable cultivation in greenhouses in the north. The 'Communiqué of the Third National Agricultural Census' shows that at the end of 2016, the national greenhouse covers an area of u200bu200b334,000 hectares, an increase of 312.6% over the end of 2006, and the greenhouse covers an area of u200bu200b981,000 hectares, an increase of 111.0%. my country's greenhouses occupy the largest area in the world, and factory planting and breeding are also showing a rapid development trend.

Greenhouses are one of the achievements of modern smart agriculture. By controlling indoor temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, light and other factors, it creates favorable conditions for plant growth and avoids the influence of seasonal changes and harsh climate on plants. Plays a vital role in agricultural production.

The role of greenhouses

One, to meet consumers' increasing consumption and quality requirements.

With the improvement of residents’ living standards, there are strict requirements on the hygiene, safety and quality of vegetables, especially off-season pollution-free vegetables and fruits are very popular among people. The popularity of greenhouses just meets consumption The needs of the people in this area.

Second, advanced technologies such as sensors and the Internet of Things have been promoted and applied faster and better in agriculture.

Greenhouse planting uses temperature and humidity sensors, carbon dioxide sensors, and illuminance sensors to monitor the environment in the shed in real time. The physical network cloud platform is used to remotely view the environment in the shed in real time and effectively regulate and intervene. Water irrigation technology and formula fertilization have enabled new planting technologies to be promoted and applied faster and better, and also greatly increased the added value of agricultural products.

Three, reduce the investment risk of planting industry.

The agricultural planting industry is an open-air factory, and natural disasters are frequent. In terms of potato planting, mulched potatoes will be affected by freezing damage and reduce production, but potatoes planted in greenhouses will not be affected. Potatoes in greenhouses are on the market in early April, with high prices and considerable benefits. Potatoes grown in the open air will be on the market in mid-May, with an output value of about one-third of that in greenhouses.

The open-air planting varieties are relatively single and concentrated, the quality is poor, and the benefits can be imagined. Through the greenhouse cultivation technology, the investment risk can be effectively controlled or reduced, and the planting industry has a high return on investment. Although the open-air cultivation is low in cost, the natural risks and sales risks are high, and the benefits are unstable.

Four. Effective use of natural light in winter to produce high-quality off-season vegetables.

Farmers have about 4 months of free time (from November to March of the next year) after harvesting in the field, and these four months are the best period for greenhouse vegetable production. The greenhouse has good light transmittance and warming up. Fast, the temperature in the greenhouse is more than 20 degrees higher than the outside on a sunny day, and it is 2 to 3 degrees higher at night. The winter vegetable production can be completed through the greenhouse facilities. There is a big difference in daytime temperature in the greenhouse, and the nutrient production period is long. The quality of the vegetables, melons and fruits produced has been greatly improved, and the output has also increased.

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