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Vocational Quality Learning Conference

Vocational Quality Learning Conference


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In order to better improve the professional quality of the company's overall staff, meet the needs of corporate strategy, establish the company brand, fully implement the company's purpose, serve customers wholeheartedly, make better products, and provide better services, the company is fortunate to invite people from the corporate training industry Gold lecturer, Chinese post-90s inspirational entrepreneurial idol-Mr. He Donghua served as our lecturer. Mr. He is currently one of the most professional, influential, and most practical coaching gold trainers in the industry. The courses are inspiring and practical.

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After the training, everyone carried out a new round of training experience sharing. Everyone confided their opinions from different angles and reflected their actual situation. There are indeed various pressures, resistances, distresses and hardships in work and life, as well as passion and joy. To have a better life for yourself, for your family, and for a more brilliant tomorrow for Ruiyi Card Company, everyone is forging ahead and working together on Pinbo. So far, the company sincerely tells everyone that it's nice to have you! Everyone has worked hard! Because of you, the company can develop steadily and continuously. At the same time, we are also grateful to our customers. Because of your trust and affirmation, we have the motivation to make more professional products, provide better solutions, do better service work, and be grateful to every Rika customer. May our cooperative relationship be long-lasting

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At 18 o'clock, the training ended with the singing of everyone encouraging each other, hugging each other and singing along with each other and loving each other. The training was a complete success!

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