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Wall-mounted illuminance sensor

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-26
1. Overview:

   The illuminance sensor transmitter adopts a high-sensitivity silicon blue photovoltaic detector, which can be configured with different ranges according to different measurement places. It has the characteristics of wide measurement range, high precision, good waterproofness, easy installation, and suitable for long-distance transmission. . It can be widely used in meteorology, greenhouses, laboratories, especially in agricultural greenhouses, urban lighting and other places.

  二、Precautions for use

  1. The product is installed on site and the light is relatively weak, so it needs to be adjusted counterclockwise.

  2. The product is installed on site and the light is relatively strong, and it needs to be adjusted clockwise.

   3. Read the product manual carefully, the power supply voltage must not exceed the product's power supply voltage, and the polarity of the power supply.

  4. Do not measure under high temperature and high humidity. When using, the light detector should be kept clean.

  5. The installation of the illuminance sensor should keep the light shining on the sensor vertically to ensure the high stability of the product.

   3. Applicable to the area

  Applications: Agricultural greenhouses, industrial field measurement, offices, supermarkets, archives, production workshops, warehouses, computer rooms, construction sites and other measurement occasions. Standard analog voltage or current transmitter output, standard RS-232 or 485 communication interface, can be directly connected to the computer.

   IV. Installation details explanation

   The meter should be installed in an open area with no obstacles above the sensing surface. Then put the radiometer cable plug directly to the north, adjust the horizontal position, and fix it firmly, and then connect the total radiometer output cable to the recorder to observe. It is best to fix the cable firmly on the mounting frame to reduce breakage or intermittent interruption in windy days.

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