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Water and fertilizer integrated machine 'riding the wind and breaking the waves'

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-16
Water and fertilizer integrated machine 'riding the wind and breaking the waves'

Recently, there is a hit variety show 'Sister Riding the Wind and Waves'. I don’t know if you have watched it. Too many people talk about your sisters. Today, let’s not talk about my sister. Let’s talk about something else-'Riding the Wind and Waves.' 'The all-in-one water and fertilizer machine!

I believe everyone is familiar with the water and fertilizer integrated machine. In short, it is the simultaneous management and utilization of water and fertilizer.

The integration of water and fertilizer technology mainly uses a pressure irrigation system to mix soluble solid fertilizer with fertilizer solution and irrigation water. At the same time, it is evenly and accurately transported to the soil at the roots of the crops, and irrigation and fertilization are carried out at the same time to meet the needs of crops for water and nutrients in a timely and appropriate amount.

Traditional agriculture is relatively extensive. Nowadays, technologies such as the Internet of Things and big data have made modern agriculture more intelligent. Among them, the integration of water and fertilizer technology is one of the prominent examples. The editor will discuss with everyone, and then look down~

What are the advantages of water and fertilizer integration technology?

High efficiency. The fertilizer utilization rate is high. In the traditional fertilization method, the fertilizer is volatilized, showered, runoff, and fixed by the soil, and stays in the soil for a long time. In the integrated water and fertilizer technology, fertilizer is directly supplied to the root zone, reducing waste, and the fertilizer and water utilization rate can reach about 70%.

Accuracy. According to the growth requirements of the plants, fertilizers are supplied to the plants in a small amount, multiple times, and uniformly in a formula, which conforms to the growth law and rhythm of the plants, and helps the plants to grow faster and better.

Controllability. Water and fertilizer integration technology can automatically and accurately control fertilizer efficiency, which is convenient and quick.

Quick effect. Fertilize and water timely. Combination of water and fertilizer, fertilizer goes with water, planting can quickly absorb nutrients, perfect pk traditional fertilization method.

Non-destructive. The integrated water and fertilizer technology not only does not damage plant roots or soil structure, but also effectively improves soil environmental conditions.

In addition to these advantages, it can also bring economic benefits!

Water saving. Water and fertilizer integration technology can reduce water infiltration and evaporation, and can improve water use efficiency. In the past, irrigation was used to require 60 cubic meters of water per acre; but now, drip irrigation is used. Generally, the root system of field crops is 60 cm deep and drip irrigation per acre. One drip irrigation of 10-15 cubic meters of water can save 75% of water. The entire planting area is 200 mu, saving more than 96,000 cubic meters of water per year.

Saving fertilizer. The integration of water and fertilizer technology realizes balanced fertilization and centralized fertilization. Compared with traditional fertilization technology, it can save 40%-50% of chemical fertilizers when the yields of plants are the same or similar. Plants are easy to absorb and other advantages.

Energy saving. Using the water and fertilizer integrated automatic control system, according to preliminary investigations, the labor consumption of the device is one-fifth to one-tenth of the traditional topdressing, which can save a lot of labor, especially for vegetables and crops planted in greenhouses, which is really labor-saving and labor-saving.

High yield. The planting plant that implements the integrated water and fertilizer technology has increased production and income. The yield per mu is more than twice that of infectious planting, an increase of 50%, and the increase in facility cultivation can reach 17%-28%. It can also improve the quality of plants.

Using water and fertilizer integration technology for comprehensive regulation, using water to promote fertilizer and using fertilizer to adjust water, to achieve a new agricultural technology of water and fertilizer coupling.

RS-WF-*J-* water and fertilizer integrated machine integrates irrigation and fertilization. Through the automatic ratio of fertilizer applicator, fertilize with water evenly and regularly and quantitatively, realizing synchronous management and efficient utilization of water and fertilizer. The device has a 7-inch touch screen display and has two modes of manual/automatic. In manual mode, it can remotely control the 8 relay output status of the device with slave address 1.

The equipment has 4 outputs and 10 irrigation areas. You can also set the upper limit of each irrigation canal. When the limit is reached, the equipment will automatically close this route element On-off valve.

In order to solve the problem of outdoor power supply, the integrated water and fertilizer machine uses solar panels for power supply, which avoids the trouble caused by power failures and other problems , More green and energy-saving.

The equipment uses selected materials such as stainless steel booster pumps, industrial-grade pipes, thickened aluminum alloy frames, etc. Because of working outdoors, it is indispensable to experience 'riding the wind and breaking the waves' 'The quality of the equipment is extremely important.

The water and fertilizer integrated machine can upload the real-time PH value, conductivity, status of each valve to the free monitoring cloud platform in GPRS/4G mode, and the cloud platform has the function of real-time display , Can display the on-off status of water pump and fertilizer pump in real time, and support remote viewing and control of mobile phone APP and WeChat platform. The upper and lower limits can be set through the 'System Settings'. When the data exceeds the limit, the cloud platform will send an alarm message to the manager as soon as possible.

The water and fertilizer integrated machine is suitable for a variety of scenarios.

The water and fertilizer integrated machine helps producers realize automatic integrated water and fertilizer management, making agriculture more modern and intelligent.

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