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Water leakage monitoring solution for hot spring hotel pipe network

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-30
Water leakage monitoring solution for hot spring hotel pipe network
1. Project background

Hot springs are a kind of spring water, which gushes naturally from the ground. The temperature of the spring mouth is significantly higher than the local annual average temperature. It also contains trace elements that are beneficial to human health. In recent years, with the increase in consumption levels, many hotels in tourist resorts have set up hot spring services. While hot springs bring the hotel turnover, they also bring about water leakage. Leaking hot springs will affect the service level of the hotel and also affect the tourist experience due to the low water pressure of the hot springs. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the leakage of hot springs in time.

Analysis of existing problems

1. Leakage of sewer joints

2. Water pipe joints are loose

3, Water pipe joints are frozen

4, other

2. Program introduction

In order to solve the problem of water leakage in hot spring hotel, we launched a set of hot spring hotel pipe network leakage monitoring solution. By arranging water leakage detection units in key core areas and hot spring wells, it helps managers find and deal with water leakage abnormalities in time to avoid further losses.

The solution is composed of a locating flooding transmitter, an environmental monitoring host, and an environmental monitoring cloud platform. It is connected to the environmental monitoring host through RS485 wiring, and then the collected signals are transmitted to the environmental monitoring cloud platform through GPRS/4G. When water leakage is detected, it will send SMS and telephone alarm to managers directly through the environmental monitoring host.

Third, the composition of the program

Positioning type water immersion transmitter (RS-SJ-DW-N01R01-1)

Positioning type water immersion transmitter is Water leakage detection equipment specially designed for non-water environment, which is convenient for real-time detection of water leakage in the computer room and rapid determination of water leakage points. After the leaking rope detects the liquid leakage, it can immediately send out an alarm and close the relay. The relay can be connected to an external sound and light alarm, and the liquid leakage position is displayed on the LCD display.

The shortest detection cable length of the device transmitter is 5 meters, and the longest cable can be extended to 200 meters.


1. Positioning type water leakage monitoring

Highly sensitive, the leaking rope is used to detect the leakage of conductive liquid, by connecting the environmental monitoring host, once the leakage sensor cable is detected After the liquid leaks, the alarm will sound immediately and the alarm signal will be sent to the integrated terminal, and the relay will be turned on at the same time, and the leaking position will be displayed on the LCD screen.

2. High-definition LCD display

High-definition LCD display, intuitively check the location of water leakage, high-definition LCD display can display water leakage, power failure reminder, wiring error and operating status.

3, Over-limit multiple alarms

Relay, sound alarm, RS485 mode alarm, LCD display alarm.

Environmental monitoring host (RS-XZJ-100-Y)

Environmental monitoring host is a multifunctional monitoring host. Through the RS485 interface, all our RS485 sensors can be connected to the environmental monitoring host, and the data can be uploaded to the local software platform in real time.

● The device supports GPRS/4G, Ethernet, RS485 wired and other methods to upload data, users can choose the corresponding sub-model products according to actual needs;

● The device has a built-in large-screen LCD, and the interface is friendly and easy Operation;

● Built-in data storage, which can store 520,000 records;

● It can automatically identify whether the RS485 interface slave device is working properly;

● The device 8-bit address, easy to manage and identify, can be used with Multiple software platforms.

Environmental monitoring cloud platform

The environmental monitoring cloud platform is a web-side online monitoring platform that can log in at different terminals through account passwords to realize real-time monitoring of the location of flooding monitoring points and equipment types.

The environmental monitoring cloud platform can monitor air-conditioning water leakage in real time, support analysis, view, and export historical data, remotely set data parameters and other functions, and support multiple login methods such as computer web terminals, mobile apps and WeChat public accounts.

1. Large-screen visualization

It can be displayed on the screen, automatically refreshed, and scrolled to play all device information. The data is clear and intuitive, which is convenient for the administrator to view the system.

2. Over-limit alarm

When the locating flooding transmitter shows water leakage, it can provide interface alarm, sound and light alarm, SMS alarm, telephone alarm, email alarm and other alarm methods, and record the event , For calling and analysis.

Yunkongtong APP

In order to facilitate mobile users to monitor data, the 'Yunkongtong' mobile phone APP has been launched, which is convenient for users to monitor in real time 24 hours a day. You can log in to the cloud platform through your account and password, and control tens of thousands of devices with one click. It supports video viewing, equipment failure/abnormal alarm, offline alarm function, real-time data viewing, historical data curve viewing, and it can also connect to a Bluetooth printer for data printing, which is powerful.

Four. Program features

1. Data alarm push

The device can send SMS, phone, email alarms through the platform when the data is abnormal, as well as free WeChat alarms and APP push.

2. Historical data curve

The equipment information of each monitoring point can be inquired through the system, and the equipment monitoring data and historical data can be inquired.

3, mobile phone APP monitoring

APP can be mobile online monitoring of water leakage, real-time query, can locate the alarm location, can query the information of the alarm equipment, etc.

4. Large-screen visualization

can scroll the environmental monitoring data of each area, the data is clear and intuitive, which is convenient for the administrator to view the system.

5. Secondary development

The cloud platform is completely free, the interface is completely neutral, and supports secondary development for users.

6. Real-time map

The map displays real-time device location, online status and some data information.

7. Real-time monitoring

The water leakage of the measured environment can be checked in real time through the monitoring system software on the computer. .

8. Account classification

Supports account classification management. Multiple sub-accounts can be assigned to the main account, with different account levels and different permissions.

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