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Water Quality Knowledge·Water Quality Monitoring Station

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-21
Water Quality Knowledge·Water Quality Monitoring Station
Since the beginning of summer this year, the coastal waters of Qingdao in Shandong have been invaded by Enteromorpha. Enteromorpha will grow crazily when the water quality is severely polluted. This is not new to the locals, but Enteromorpha has been seen every year, especially this year. This is an environmental problem caused by water pollution, which concerns the two provinces of Shandong and Jiangsu. Once, the two provinces have set up such a linkage agreement:

On the basis of completing the national assessment task, if the water quality at the junction of the two provinces reaches the Class III standard throughout the year, the two provinces will not compensate each other. If the water provided by Henan to Shandong can be improved from Category III 'water for swimming' to Category II 'drinkable waterFor a water quality category, Henan will give Shandong 60 million yuan in compensation.

We ignore the disputes between the two major economic provinces, let’s talk about the water quality categories mentioned in the agreement, and give you a little knowledge about water quality in popular science~

According to my country’s water quality classification indicators, The water quality can be divided into the following five categories:

Class I: The water quality is good, the groundwater only needs to be disinfected, and the surface water is simply treated (such as filtration), which is mainly suitable for source water and national nature reserves.

Class II: Water quality is lightly polluted. After conventional water purifier treatment (such as flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection, etc.), the water quality can be used for domestic drinking. It is mainly suitable for the first-level protection zone of the surface water source of the centralized drinking water, the habitat of aquatic organisms, the spawning grounds of fish and shrimps, the feeding grounds of larvae, juveniles and juveniles.

Class III: It is suitable for the secondary protection area of u200bu200bthe centralized drinking water source, the general fish protection area and its swimming pool. It is mainly applicable to the secondary protection area of u200bu200bthe surface water source of the centralized drinking water, the fish and shrimp overwintering ground, the migration channel, the aquaculture area and other fishery waters and swimming areas.

Category IV: Suitable for general industrial protection areas and water-use areas that are not in contact with humans.

Class V: Mainly applicable to agricultural water areas and general landscape water areas.

Poor V category: Useless dirty water. Water bodies that exceed the five types of water quality standards basically have no use function.

So, everyone can understand the meaning of the water quality of Class II and III mentioned in the agreement!

In addition to the above-mentioned problems, my country has successively discovered large-scale water pollution problems, which also have to mention water quality monitoring stations. In order to facilitate the monitoring of water quality, water quality monitoring stations will be used in relevant areas. What are the advantages of water quality monitoring stations?

1. Timely, convenient and efficient. Generally, water quality monitoring stations on the market can combine communication technology, cloud computing and other related technologies to perform real-time remote monitoring of water quality indicators. It can be said that there is pollution here, and you know it there. For the water conservancy department, the source of polluted water can be detected in time and the spread of the source can be controlled at the same time, which can improve the efficiency of management and control.

2. There are many elements that can be monitored. The water quality monitoring station can monitor water body temperature, water level height, ammonia nitrogen ion concentration, pH value, dissolved oxygen concentration, electrical conductivity, water turbidity and other water body elements.

3. Suitable for a variety of measurement conditions. It is not affected by corrosion, foam, temperature, sediment, river pollutants, floating objects on the water surface and other factors.

4. Wide application areas. Including rivers, lakes, tides, reservoir gates, underground water pipe networks, irrigation canals; auxiliary water treatment operations, such as urban water supply; also can be used in industrial pollution source wastewater, industrial process water, municipal sewage and other sewage monitoring.

One more sentence! Water pollution is a big problem. While actively preventing and controlling, we must also find the right way to solve the problem instead of shirking responsibility. The Enteromorpha problem involves multiple regions, and cross-regional linkage governance is needed to solve it~

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