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Weather characteristics

by:Rika Sensors     2020-09-08

weather stations feature

1. Meteorological observation stents PFM technology on the whole, has a good anticorrosive and can be run on a variety of harsh outdoor environment for a long time, including mounting bracket height 2 m, 3 m, 6 m, 10 m, according to different specification meteorological sensor installation.

2。 Have powerful networking capabilities, can be networked data monitoring via LAN or wireless networks, local area network (LAN), optical fiber network through Modem and router for equipping, wireless network according to the communication distance is divided into short distance wireless transmission, wireless transmission distance, long distance wireless transmission three wireless transmission way, generally USES the GPRS or GSM two kinds of transport, mainly is suitable for sending and receiving data between different cities.

3。 Automatic meteorological station management software can run in WINDOWS98 above environment, real-time display various data, updated once every 10 seconds, the hour, data automatic storage ( Storage time can be set) , connected to the printer automatically printed data storage, data storage capacity of more than one year, the data storage format for the standard format for other software EXCEL calls. 4. Automatic meteorological station data collector adopts high performance microprocessor as the master CPU, large capacity data storage, can store data more than 8000 in a row, at the same time can be an external large capacity data acquisition card to realize mass data storage, suitable for long-term monitoring field of unmanned condition. Industrial control of standardized design, portable vibration control structure, big Chinese characters and graphics LCD screen, touch membrane keyboards. Ideal for use in harsh industrial environments. Have power outage protection function, when ac power outages, powered by rechargeable batteries, would last longer than 48 hours.

5。 System with multiple power supply mode, ac/dc or with solar battery, solar battery power 15 watts, in full charge state ensures weather stations uninterrupted power supply for 7 days.

6。 Reliable anti-corrosion design, protection level to class IP65 protection measures such as improve the lightning protection, anti-interference.

7。 Can form a complete set of a variety of indoor outdoor display screen.

8。 Working conditions: temperature: - 50 ~ 80 ℃, humidity: 100%, the level of wind: 75 m/s or less.

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