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Weather Forecasts Through Weather Stations Are

by:Rika Sensors     2020-05-18
Most of us are concerned with how the weather is set to turnout over a particular day or period of time. The weather determines our lifestyle such as the types of activities planned for a particular day and the way in which we dress. It also determines our mood levels. Generally when the weather is hot people are happier and resort to outdoor activities such as swimming and barbeques. However when the weather is cold, people are more grumpy and resort to staying in doors with heaters and warm clothes. Therefore determining the results of the weather has become part and parcel of our daily lives. In addition, the weather is never stable and is in a constant state of flux, as the earth's atmosphere is continuously moving. Therefore, a weather station is needed, and is an instrument situated on land or over the ocean. Its primary function is to record atmospheric conditions, where information such as weather forecasts can be drawn over a specific region by meteorologists who are trained to measure temperature, types of clouds, wind direction and the amount of precipitation expected over time in a particular region. The main objective is to determine results on weather and climate change through measurements such as temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, and wind speed, wind direction as well as precipitation volumes. The following instruments form part of a weather station: A� Thermometer to measure air and sea surface temperature A� Barometer to measure atmospheric pressure A� Hygrometer to measure humidity levels A� Anemometer for determining wind speed A� Rain Gauge to measure liquid precipitation Additional instruments comprise of: A� Precipitation identification sensor A� Disdrometer which determines the size of the rain water drops A� Transmissometer to measure visibility A� Ceilometer to measure cloud ceiling The above instruments are housed in a vented boxed called a Steven Screen which is a white box with slated sides to prevent it from attracting direct sunlight and to allow air to pass through the box freely. The box is usually positioned in stilts which make it easier for meteorologists to read measurements such as temperature and humidity accurately. Once the information is interpreted, meteorologists use synoptic charts to accurately depict weather conditions over a 24 hour period or more. Weather forecasting can take place manually or through automatic transmission in a format known as a METAR. Stations for weather are set up across the globe as different weather conditions are inherent to a specific area and the northern and southern hemispheres experience different atmospheric conditions at one given time. Those who seek to purchase a station for weather can choose from an assortment of options ranging from solar powered, wireless or cabled stations. A range of options are available from instruments and weighting specialists. These suppliers are trained to provide meteorologists with the best advice with regards to the type of station to they should purchase for a particular region. To find out more about the types of weather stations on the market, one should seek advice from a trusted supplier.
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