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Weather station equipment introduction

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-10
Weather station equipment introduction
A weather station refers to a device that monitors meteorological factors. It is used in all aspects of our lives. The weather station used in different scenarios is different.

What does the weather station equipment include? Today we will introduce ~

Automatic weather station

Automatic weather station is mainly composed of weather sensor, microcomputer weather data acquisition instrument, power supply system, radiation protection hood and other equipment. A ground observation device that can actively observe and transmit information on conventional meteorological elements such as air pressure, temperature, relative humidity, wind direction, wind speed, and rainfall, conduct ground meteorological observations, store and send observation data.

Indoor weather station

Indoor weather station can be used in greenhouses, and its equipment generally includes soil temperature and moisture sensors, conductivity, ph sensors, and can also be equipped with sensors such as air temperature and humidity, light, and carbon dioxide. .

Rainfall weather station

The rainfall weather station equipment is mainly composed of rain gauge, wind speed and direction sensor, and air temperature and humidity sensor. In addition to these, other sensor devices can also be added according to actual needs.

Outdoor weather station

generally refers to weather stations used outdoors. This kind of weather station equipment has become more extensive, wind speed, wind direction, soil temperature and moisture, air temperature and humidity, noise, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, atmospheric pressure, light, rain and snow conditions, ultraviolet light, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, air Many sensors such as quality, in addition to these, also include solar panels, waterproof boxes, pole brackets.

Portable weather station

As the name suggests, its features are simple and convenient. Because of the portable structure design, the portable weather station equipment mainly includes collectors and sensors, and it can also be equipped with a vehicle-mounted tray bracket. The observational weather elements can be arbitrarily selected according to actual needs, and the six-element, seven-element, and eight-element weather stations can be freely customized.

High-precision weather stations

High-precision weather stations are mostly used in universities, colleges, scientific research institutions, or networked in meteorology, airports, environmental monitoring, transportation, military, agriculture, forestry, hydrology, polar expeditions and other fields . Compared with the portable weather station, the weather observation support has better corrosion resistance and can be operated in various harsh outdoor environments for a long time.

Forest fire danger weather station

Forest fire danger weather station equipment mainly includes forest fire danger monitoring station, high-performance sensors, data storage and so on. The forest fire risk monitoring station instrument automatically monitors several essential observation elements that significantly affect forest fires and fire risk assessment, such as atmospheric temperature, atmospheric humidity, daily rainfall, days without rainfall, wind direction, wind speed, atmospheric pressure (optional), etc. Observe, store the result data directly in the collector, and display the data through the indoor display part after being processed by the data processor.

Expressway weather station

The meteorological elements that can be observed by the expressway automatic weather station include conventional weather elements (wind, temperature, humidity, rain), visibility and road conditions (road temperature, dry and wet conditions, icing) Wait). The equipment mainly includes scattering type visibility meter, various observation sensors, collectors, and wireless communication ports. The wireless communication port is equipped at each weather monitoring network point, and the main control computer of the weather center monitoring station performs unified monitoring of the data of all weather stations in the network point to achieve the integration and statistics of weather data in the entire network point.

Campus weather station

is composed of various sensors and automatic weather station monitors. The establishment of a weather station on campus not only enables students to master the basic methods of weather observation, but more importantly, it can inspire students to learn Interest and enthusiasm in physical geography, and learn more about meteorological science.

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