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Weather Station Maintenance

by:Rika Sensors     2020-05-13
Regular maintenance on your wireless weather station will help ensure that it remains in top working order and will assist in the collection of accurate data. You will need to ensure that nothing obstructs the wind sensor and rain gauge. All vegetation should be kept well away from the sensors. Keep an eye out for spiders and ants as they can build nests around a ground mounted weather station and travel up into the unit therefore obstructing the sensors and again providing incorrect and inaccurate data readings. If your weather device has solar panels you need to ensure that they are always facing south with angles approximately 22 degrees to obtain full sun collection. These panels should not require much maintenance however, if they are located in a dusty area a quick rinse and/or dust every now and then is good practice. The wireless weather station relies on batteries to run the sensors and transmit the data to your central display and storage unit. If you are not receiving data you should first check the batteries. If replacing the batteries does not work check that there are no obstructions in the line of sight from your weather device to the central display and storage unit. Your weather device works on a line of sight basis and although will send a signal through the walls of your home can be obstructed by other structures and/or the ground if situated down a hill. Extreme temperatures, vibrations and shock should be avoided in order to prevent fatal damage to your wireless weather station.
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