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Rika Sensor is a weather sensor manufacturer and environmental monitoring solution provider with 10+ years of industry experience.

What are main products for Rika Sensors to export?
Hunan Rika Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd has obtained the export license for weather stations and relative weather sensors . This product already sells well domestically and also has a good chance of selling well in international markets. It provides a certain appeal because of unique features that seem common here while might be considered a novelty in other countries. In order to market this product on the international market more successfully, we have realized flexibility. We will evaluate the target market and try to modify specifications to match the standards of that country or region, hence achieving some degree of adaptation and localization of this product.

Rika Sensors is a well-respected company that produces a full range ambient sensor. Rika Sensors produces a number of different product series, including weather sensor. It might be the best choices for allergy sufferers. Allergens like dust mites and pollen cannot get in the densely weaved strands. This product is highly resistant to seawater, which makes it applicable in coastal regions. The wearers will be rewarded with comfort and foot fit, which eventually contributes to foot health in a significant way. Even in the harsh climatic conditions, this product can detect the best result.

We are strongly committed to driving innovation and circularity. We encourage the use of sustainable materials in our products and promote responsible production practices.
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