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Rika Sensor is a weather sensor manufacturer and environmental monitoring solution provider with 10+ years of industry experience.

What are Rika Sensors shipping modes?
There are several means of conveyance for you to choose. Rika Sensor can arrange shipment by Express, by sea, by air or any road transportation. The mode of transportation is an important consideration when planning the shipment process. We strive to provide the most reliable service for customers. Besides costs, the urgency of the shipment, the value of the goods being shipped as well as the size and weight of the goods need to be precisely evaluated when determining the form of transportation. We can arrange different modes to transport environment sensor to satisfy special needs.

Hunan Rika Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd is a leading supplier of high quality weather sensor in the global market. Rika Sensors produces a number of different product series, including water quality sensor. This hypoallergenic product is a masterpiece crafted with durable hems and precise stitching, which makes it excellent longevity. The design of this product can be customized according to needs. The wearers will be rewarded with comfort and foot fit, which eventually contributes to foot health in a significant way. This product requires low maintenance during its lifespan.

We have set up our sustainability practices. We aim to mitigate the impact of our activities on the environment by decreasing CO2 emissions and improving our recycling rate.
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