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What are the advantages of electronic water gauges in hydrological monitoring?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-16
What are the advantages of electronic water gauges in hydrological monitoring?
my country is a flood-prone country. In order to prevent floods and provide a large amount of reliable data and information for flood control decisions in time, it is necessary to accurately monitor the water levels of rivers/lakes and reservoirs in real time.

Water level refers to a height, the height of the free water surface from the fixed base surface. There are many ways to monitor the water level, such as float type water level gauge, pressure type water level gauge, electronic water gauge, radar water level gauge, gas or liquid ultrasonic water level gauge, etc., which have different applications in different situations.

The most common method of water level monitoring is to observe with a water gauge. In order to cope with a wide range of water level fluctuations, multiple water gauges are usually arranged to form a group to ensure that both high and low water levels can be measured. Just read the value on the water gauge directly, and the actual water level is the reading value plus the zero point elevation of the water gauge. The warning water level is the water level required by the flood control department of our country that each river embankment needs to be in a state of defensive alert. When the water level is reached, the flood control of the dike has entered an important period. At this time, the flood control department should strengthen its guard, pay close attention to the development and changes of water conditions, working conditions, and dangerous conditions. The relevant leaders will lead some flood control teams to participate in flood control on the dike, and do a good job in flood control and rescue manpower. , Prepare for material resources, and make preparations for possible higher water levels. The guaranteed water level is also called the highest flood prevention level or hazard water level. When the flood level reaches the guaranteed water level during the flood season, it indicates that the project is already at the upper limit of safety defense, and serious dangers may occur inside and outside the dike body, as well as the foundation of the dike (including a certain distance from the back of the dike).

With the advancement of science and technology, water level monitoring equipment becomes more and more standardized, and the arrival of electronic water gauges gradually replaces water gauges that require manual observation. As a new generation digital sensor, the electronic water gauge is a terminal device for collecting water level data. It uses the principle of weak water conductivity, uses an advanced processor chip as a controller, obtains water level data through measuring electrodes, and transmits it after CPU digital coding, indexing, sampling, and digital processing, and then uses wired or wireless communication Technology, send water level data to monitoring center or software, play the role of real-time water level monitoring and early warning.

RS-DR-*-1 electronic water gauge adopts advanced processor chip as the controller device. The data is obtained by measuring the water level of the electrode. The outer shell is protected by stainless steel, and the inside is sealed with a material with high sealing properties, which is not affected by sludge, pollutants, precipitation, etc. Compared with the traditional method, it has high reliability and high anti-interference performance, and has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-freezing, heat resistance, and aging resistance. It is not affected by external factors such as atmospheric temperature, pressure, humidity, sand content, and freezing. Even in bad weather, valid data can be transmitted safely and reliably in real time.

In any application environment, the measurement accuracy of the electronic water gauge is not affected by the length, it is 1cm and remains unchanged; for specific use, various working modes can be modified according to the site conditions; It has 1 switch signal output, which can be arbitrarily associated with alarm output or used to control the upper and lower limits of the water level to realize the alarm function. Multiple working modes can be selected.

Electronic water gauges are also widely used in daily life. In addition to road area water level measurement, it can also be used for water level monitoring in water conservancy and hydropower projects such as lakes, reservoirs, and irrigation areas. It is especially suitable for hydrology and urban Waterlogging, water accumulation on urban roads, irrigation channels and other occasions where the water level changes are not very large.

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