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What are the advantages of the intelligent greenhouse environment monitoring system when the cold wave hits in winter?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-09
What are the advantages of the intelligent greenhouse environment monitoring system when the cold wave hits in winter?
On January 5th, we enter the 'small cold' solar term. Cold air will frequently affect our country, and most of the north will enter the coldest period of the year. The coldest wave of this winter is 'quick freezing' in central and eastern my country. Locally in Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang, there were extremely cold weather below -40°C. Even the temperature in the very 'southern' northern part of South China dropped to freezing point, and netizens 'screamed cold.'

From January 6th to 8th and January 10th to 12th, there will be two 'relays' of cold air. Especially from January 6th to 8th, a strong cold air will affect our country, and the temperature will continue to drop in most of the central and eastern regions. In many places in the southern part of Northeast China, northern China, and eastern Huanghuai, the temperature will reach new lows since the beginning of winter.

Agriculture has always been a major issue of our national livelihood, and the supply of vegetables in greenhouses is the main supply channel for winter vegetables. Greenhouses can produce not only seasonal vegetables, but also off-season vegetables. Under normal circumstances, vegetables and fruits in agricultural greenhouses ripen 2-6 months earlier than those in the open air. By changing the time for agricultural products to market, avoid homogenized product competition, so as to obtain better returns and open up my country’s off-season agricultural products market. .

The arrival of the cold wave will affect the production and supply of vegetables under certain circumstances. The cold weather caused by the cold wave affects the ripening period and yield of vegetables. If extremely low temperature occurs, it will also lead to the death of vegetable plants, a large reduction in production, and the withering of fruits.

Traditional greenhouse monitoring methods are generally manual monitoring methods. Generally, a thermometer placed in the greenhouse is used to visually measure the degree, which will cause reading errors, and then manually record and compare the appropriate environmental values. Compared with manual monitoring and control, the intelligent greenhouse environment monitoring system can greatly reduce the dependence of crops on natural conditions, so that crops can overcome the limitations of the environment and climate, and produce fruitful fruits in completely different geographic environments.

So, what are the advantages of the intelligent greenhouse environment monitoring system in winter?

1. Stable room temperature

The temperature control of Israeli greenhouses is determined by sensors and control systems. After the system sets the standard value of the greenhouse temperature, the system monitors the temperature of the greenhouse in real time through the room temperature sensor. When the greenhouse temperature is lower than the standard value, the system can automatically turn on the temperature control system to regulate the temperature of the greenhouse. When the room temperature reaches the standard value, the system can automatically shut down the temperature control system, and realize the automatic control of the greenhouse temperature through real-time data as a reference.

2. Reasonable irrigation and fertilization

Through sensor monitoring, automatic irrigation and fertilization can be realized. With real-time data support, it can ensure the soil moisture and nutrients while greatly reducing the use of irrigation water and chemical fertilizers. . According to statistics, through the application of smart greenhouse equipment, fertilizers and irrigation water can be reduced by more than 50%-60%. The cost of irrigation is saved to a great extent.

3. Remote monitoring and control

Smart greenhouse equipment can not only save manpower, automatic control, but also realize remote monitoring. The temperature, humidity, illuminance, carbon dioxide, soil temperature, humidity, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other data in the greenhouse can be displayed on the background computer.

The application of the Internet of Things technology has truly realized agricultural production automation and intelligent management, making greenhouse planting management intelligent temperature adjustment and fine fertilization, which can increase yield, improve quality, save manpower, reduce manual errors, and improve The purpose of economic benefit is to realize the intelligent management of greenhouse planting.

As a bright spot of modern agriculture, the intelligent greenhouse environment monitoring system has become an important support for agricultural development. In recent years, the rapid integration of Internet of Things technology into the agricultural field has effectively solved many problems faced by agricultural modernization. Let the greenhouse become 'smart' and achieve the goal of 'measurable environment, controllable production, and traceable quality'.

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