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What are the application scenarios of water immersion sensors

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-21
What are the application scenarios of water immersion sensors
Many places in life need water immersion sensors, which are widely used in data centers, communication rooms, power stations, warehouses, archives and other places that need to be waterproof. The function of the water immersion sensor is to detect whether there is a water leak in the monitored area. Once a water leak is found, an alarm will be issued immediately to prevent the water leakage accident from causing related losses and hazards.

The water immersion sensor is an easy-to-operate liquid leakage monitoring device that can detect the moment of water leakage and issue an alarm in time. Flooding sensors can efficiently replace manual inspections, monitor water leakage in all water source areas such as rainwater leakage, water pipes, etc., and can perform real-time monitoring and early warning of water leakage hazards.

Water immersion sensors are mainly used in places where water is required, such as computer rooms, smart buildings, power distribution rooms, archives, warehouses, factories and other places.

Computer room

In the computer room, these high-precision electrical equipment are extremely sensitive to water. Once a water leak occurs, the equipment will be damaged to varying degrees. We can also see from some reports that some computer room fires The accident was caused by a short circuit in the computer room caused by the failure to detect a water leak in time, and a major accident that caused the entire computer room to burn down. Therefore, real-time monitoring of whether there is liquid leakage in the computer room has become the primary task of the computer room operation and maintenance management personnel, and the installation of water sensors in the computer room has become one of the essential basic guarantee equipment in the comprehensive operation and maintenance management system of the computer room.

Intelligent buildings

The popularization and application of the Internet of Things technology has made the security of smart buildings evolve from the simple security protection system in the past to the integrated building system. The smart building security system is responsible for the entire building automation system. An important role, and a complete security system must be indispensable to the important content of the anti-leakage alarm system. The heating and cooling systems in the building, water supply pipes, water tanks, pump elevator shafts, etc. all have water leakage hazards.

Power distribution room

The power distribution room is strictly prohibited from contacting with liquids. In order to maintain the normal distribution of electricity, water sensors are installed in the power distribution room to avoid or reduce the harm caused by water leakage.


Water leakage will endanger the quality of the items stored in the archives and the use of electrical equipment. Around the doors and windows in the archives, around the pipes, the air intake and the drainage pipes of the humidification and dehumidification integrated machine are all There are many hidden water leakage hazards. If water leakage occurs, it will cause serious consequences if it is not discovered and handled in time. Therefore, it is very necessary to monitor the water leakage status in the archives room in real time.


As a storage place, the warehouse stores a variety of goods. The main point of warehouse storage is to prevent the goods from becoming moldy and deteriorating. Therefore, attention must be paid to warehouse environmental management. Protecting the safety of goods in the warehouse is the main task of warehouse management, and water leakage is one of the biggest threats to warehouse safety. Leaking water in the warehouse will cause the warehouse to be flooded, damp, moldy, etc., directly causing economic losses. Therefore, it is very necessary to install water leakage monitoring equipment in the warehouse.


In industrial production, many factories have already achieved automation upgrades. If a water leakage accident occurs, it will affect the production capacity of the factory. If it is serious, the damage of the factory’s machinery and equipment will cause very serious losses. Therefore, it is necessary to set up water sensor monitoring points in important places.

The above is the application scenario of the water immersion sensor.

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