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What are the applications of wireless sensors in agriculture

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-06
What are the applications of wireless sensors in agriculture
Wireless network is an important part of agricultural informatization. In recent years, its concepts and technologies have been gradually applied to many fields of agricultural production and management, becoming the integration of various agricultural resources, transforming traditional agriculture, and improving labor production efficiency. Effective measures. Accelerating the development of wireless network-based sensor equipment will help solve the current problems of low agricultural production efficiency and agricultural product safety, and improve the quality and efficiency of my country's agricultural development.

The 'Opinions on Accelerating the Transformation of Agricultural Development Modes' issued by the General Office in 2015 pointed out: my country’s economic development has entered a new normal, and agricultural development is facing the 'ceiling' of agricultural product prices, rising production costs 'floor

One, what is a wireless sensor?

Wireless sensor network technology is a synthesis of multiple disciplines such as modern sensor technology, microelectronic technology, communication technology, embedded computing technology and distributed information processing technology. With the introduction of wireless sensor network technology into greenhouse production, it is possible that agriculture will gradually shift from a human-centered and isolated production model to an information- and software-centric production model. So as to realize greenhouse information. Collect automatic deployment, self-organized transmission and intelligent control, greatly improve the labor productivity and resource output rate per unit area, improve the working environment and working conditions of greenhouses and other facilities, improve work efficiency, protect the health of farmers, and improve The quality of life of farmers helps to solve the 'three rural' problems and is of great significance to the sustainable development of greenhouse crop production.

Second, the practical application of wireless sensors in agriculture

In the process of practical agricultural applications, the overall environmental information in the application area can be obtained through the use of wireless networks, which can not only summarize the data, but also Information is collected and analyzed. In addition, the application of wireless sensors can not only monitor the overall environmental information, but also sense the environmental data information of agriculture and production in the entire area through a single node, and comprehensively improve the accuracy of the monitoring system itself. Five practical applications of wireless sensors in agriculture:

1. Applied in outdoor fields

Wireless sensors can monitor the air temperature and humidity, soil temperature and humidity, CO2 concentration, soil pH and light in the target monitoring area. The real-time collection of agricultural environmental information such as intensity, provides an effective solution for agricultural environmental monitoring, and helps the agricultural sector to develop more effective methods to increase crop yields.

2. Used in greenhouses

Different wireless sensors can be used to collect soil temperature, humidity, pH value, precipitation, air humidity and pressure, light intensity, CO2 concentration and other crop growth parameters. Managers can By accessing the cloud platform, real-time observation of various data in the greenhouse, automatic and manual adjustment of the greenhouse environment in time, provides a scientific basis for greenhouse regulation.

3. Applied to livestock breeding

Various wireless sensors can be used to collect information on the livestock and poultry breeding environment and the behavior characteristics and health status of the animals. The livestock breeding system can realize automatic temperature control, automatic ventilation, automatic data transmission and automatic alarm in the sow breeding process by analyzing and processing the information collected by the wireless sensor.

4. Applied in fruit, vegetable and grain storage

Wireless temperature sensor plays a huge role in fruit, vegetable and grain storage. The refrigerator implements automatic control and maintains the temperature according to the real-time parameter value of the temperature sensor in the cold storage. relatively stable. Reduce the temperature in the storage, maintain humidity, adjust the gas to maintain a reasonable ratio of relative humidity (RH), O2 concentration, CO2 concentration, etc., wireless temperature sensor, wireless humidity sensor, wireless O2 concentration sensor, wireless CO2 concentration sensor in the storage room Data can be collected in real time to ensure a suitable storage and fresh-keeping environment to achieve fresh-keeping effect.

5. Application in aquaculture

The application of the agricultural Internet of Things in aquaculture is mainly manifested in the automatic monitoring of various indicators of the breeding environment with the help of various wireless water quality sensors, and the maintenance of the breeding environment by controlling the corresponding equipment Within the scope of science. For changes in the environment, the system will automatically record and notify the administrator through SMS. The administrator can also view the scene and data of the breeding environment in real time through the background of the monitoring system or the system's mobile phone App.

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