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What are the common application fields of infrared gas sensors

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-24
Advantages of infrared gas sensors

The application of infrared gas sensor is very wide, it is used in detecting many kinds of gases, and its reliability is very high, the selectivity is very good, the precision is also high, it is non-toxic, and it is less disturbed by the environment. The advantages of longer lifespan, no dependence on oxygen, etc., are likely to become mainstream in the future market.

Infrared gas sensors are different from other types of gas sensors. They have the advantages of long service life, high sensitivity and high cost performance. They are currently used in petrochemical, industrial and mining, atmospheric detection, medical and health care. contribute. With the development of the level of sensing technology, more and more advanced infrared gas sensors have appeared on the market, and all of them have high practicability. So what are the applications of infrared gas sensors in specific fields?

The application range of infrared gas sensors is very wide, the following are common application areas:

1. Environmental protection fields such as air and pollution source emission monitoring;

2. Air monitoring in public places such as restaurants and large conference centers;

3. Process control in industrial operations such as petroleum, chemical industry, power plants, metallurgical coke, etc.;

4. Agriculture, scientific research, medical and health;

Infrared gas sensors are a major trend in the development of gas sensors in the future. We believe that with the ever-increasing development of sensors, more and more practical and convenient infrared gas sensors appear in our lives, and their application scenarios will become wider and wider.

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