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What are the dust monitoring devices?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-12
What are the dust monitoring devices?
Fugitive dust pollution is mostly unorganized particulate pollution emitted during the construction process. Construction site dust pollution not only includes the dust caused by various construction links inside the construction site, but also includes the dirt attached to the construction and transportation vehicles and the scattered construction materials on the construction site. Secondary traffic dust caused by external roads.

In order to control noise pollution and dust pollution on construction sites, and maintain the normal living environment of people, various localities have formulated control measures in accordance with the 'Air Pollution Prevention LawCarry out irregular data monitoring, and impose corresponding penalties on the construction parties who violate the regulations. However, there are still many shortcomings in the supervision system and supervision methods.

Traditional dust detection instruments mainly use weighing method, β-ray method, micro-oscillation balance method and light scattering method. Nowadays, in order to comprehensively control particulate pollution, the environmental protection department has adopted a series of measures. In the online monitoring of urban dust, the online dust monitoring system has become one of the most important measures for its comprehensive management.

The dust online monitoring system can remotely monitor the on-site environment in real time and provide users with 24-hour real-time data. So the question is, what are the online dust monitoring devices?

Device 1: Noise and dust monitoring station

The function of real-time monitoring of wind direction and other factors. The data it monitors can be directly displayed on the spot through the LED screen in real time, or uploaded to the cloud platform via RS485 interface or mobile phone card in GPRS/4G mode and displayed on the interface, realizing the functions of remote monitoring and online monitoring. Device 2: Cloud platform Historical data. The cloud platform has two login methods: computer terminal and mobile terminal, supports single-site multi-parameter query and multi-site single-parameter query, and can remotely view site conditions.

The cloud platform has the function of receiving data uploaded by the dust monitoring station, supporting data display, storage, analysis, downloading, etc., and can be linked with various pollution control devices, such as fog cannons, tower cranes and other facilities , To achieve the purpose of remote automatic control.

Device 3: Fog cannon

The fog cannon has a certain effect on the dust control, and can reduce the particle content in the air to a certain extent. The water mist particles sprayed by it are extremely small, which can carry out liquid mist reduction, decomposition and desalination of particle concentration in the air, and can effectively decompose polluting particles and dust in the air, effectively alleviating dust pollution, so as to achieve the effect of dust reduction and dust removal.

With the advent of the Internet of Things era, a new generation of information technology, including embedded technology, cloud computing technology, and sensor technology, is gradually becoming familiar to people. Now is an era of Internet of Everything, which provides new ideas and new solutions for solving urban management problems.

Now, it is possible to set upper limit values u200bu200bfor temperature, humidity, PM2.5 and other environmental factors through the cloud platform of the computer control center, such as the upper and lower limits of various parameters, the content displayed on the LED screen of the limit, and the relay is open and closed. Time, and the working time that can only be linked to the fog cannon.

When the real-time data monitored by the monitoring station exceeds the set limit, the system will send alarm information to the administrator as soon as possible (the alarm methods generally include platform alarm, mobile phone alarm, email alarm, etc.). If the monitored value exceeds the dust start value, the system will send a linkage command to the relay to enable it to intelligently turn on the relevant equipment and reduce the content of particulate matter in the environment.

The online dust monitoring system is an automatic 'measurement-control' system at the core of the monitoring sensor, combined with mature electronic technology and communication technology, and uses the principle of lossless measurement to provide a rapid , Real-time approach.

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