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What are the effects of low temperature on equipment in the computer room? The computer room environment monitoring system ensures the smooth operation of the computer room

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-21
What are the effects of low temperature on equipment in the computer room? The computer room environment monitoring system ensures the smooth operation of the computer room
The cold wave hits, and the strong cold air has affected all parts of our country, and the temperature has dropped sharply in many places. The cold wave weather has a wide range of influence, high intensity, intense cooling, and long duration of low-temperature gale. The cooling range and low-temperature intensity show a certain extreme, which will be unfavorable to public facilities such as transportation, facility agriculture, urban and rural transmission lines, water supply pipelines, etc. Impact. To cope with this cold wave, all walks of life have also begun to prepare before the arrival of the cold wave: agriculture puts on 'cold clothes' for fruit trees, fishery strengthens patrols to ensure safety, maritime departments implement water safety supervision, and the State Grid strengthens inspections for hidden dangers. Everyone around us knows that if the server room temperature is too high, the system will overheat, the information stored on the server may be lost forever, and sometimes it will overheat to the point of complete collapse. But many friends may not know that too low temperature will also have an adverse effect on the operation of equipment in the computer room.

What are the effects of low temperature on equipment in the computer room?

1. Low temperature can cause problems such as IT equipment operation, insulation materials, and batteries. When the temperature in the computer room is too low, some IT equipment will not operate normally.

2. When the ambient temperature of the computer room is lower than 5°C, the communication equipment will not operate normally; when the ambient temperature of the computer room is lower than -40°C, the lead-acid battery cannot provide energy.

3. At low temperatures, the insulating material will become hard and brittle, and the structural strength will also be weakened. For bearings and mechanical transmission parts, because the lubricating oil carried by itself is condensed, the viscosity increases and stickiness occurs.

4. When the temperature is too low, the flux with high tin content will be dismembered, thereby reducing the strength of the electrical connection, and even failures such as desoldering and short circuit.

Computer room environment monitoring system

The equipment of the computer room is very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. Failure to monitor in time may have adverse effects, and timely and effective monitoring is required. The computer room environment monitoring system can centrally monitor the temperature and humidity of the computer room. In addition to monitoring the temperature and humidity, it can also monitor whether the computer room is power-off, water leakage, access control, security, fire protection and other factors.

(Computer room environment monitoring system topology diagram)

The system is based on network integrated wiring, adopts distributed monitoring, and places the monitoring host, temperature and humidity sensors, water leakage transmitters, and smoke detectors in the monitoring room of the computer room , Power failure alarm, human infrared detector and running monitoring software, monitor and display the environmental parameters of the computer room, monitor the operating status and working parameters of each system equipment in real time, and find component failures or parameter abnormalities, will immediately send a phone call, SMS, etc. Multiple alarm methods, record historical data and alarm events, provide intelligent expert diagnosis suggestions, remote monitoring and management functions, and Web browsing.

(Display of equipment room environment monitoring system)

Characteristics of computer room environment monitoring system

1. Real-time display of the working status and operating parameters of the monitored field monitoring equipment;

2 , It can remotely turn on/off the monitored equipment at the monitoring site, and adjust the configuration parameters of the monitoring equipment remotely;

3. According to the rules of alarm confirmation, shielding and printing, sound and light prompts alarms, and automatically handles alarms;

4. The alarm conditions, alarm levels and whether the alarms are shielded can be set and modified online by the system administrator according to the on-site conditions;

5, according to the alarm type, level, time, location, shielding and other factors as scheduled The rules automatically notify relevant personnel of alarms. The notification methods can include on-site sound and light alarms, telephone calls, SMS or E-mail, etc.;

6. Statistically query equipment historical data, alarm records, operation records, etc., and print reports;

7. Provide multi-level management authority to ensure system security;

8, have perfect and convenient maintenance, query and statistics functions;

9, automatically complete data storage and recovery when the network is abnormal ;

With the continuous development of information network technology, network equipment rooms of various scales and sizes, equipment types and quantities are widely distributed in the locations of users' branches. Due to the lack of an operation and maintenance system commensurate with the scale system of the operating network, changes in the physical operating environment, power distribution status, equipment operating status, personnel activity status, and fire protection status of a large number of unattended computer rooms, including possible emergencies Conditions cannot be discovered and dealt with in time, and it is difficult to effectively predict, prevent, and avoid. The popularization of computer room environmental monitoring systems will effectively solve the above problems.

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