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What are the factors that affect the monitoring of automatic weather stations in meteorological monitoring?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-26
What are the factors that affect the monitoring of automatic weather stations in meteorological monitoring?
Automatic weather station is a new method of meteorological observation, it is the foundation of meteorological modernization, the scientific basis for disaster prevention and mitigation, forecast and early warning, and it is also an important part of my country's comprehensive meteorological observation system. Since the relevant departments formally established and used automatic weather stations, the accuracy and stability of my country's meteorological monitoring have been greatly improved.

Nowadays, my country has more than thousands of automatic weather stations, all over the country. As the use of automatic weather stations gradually increases, some problems have also appeared in their use. In actual work, they are affected by equipment, man-made, and environmental The influence of various factors such as the automatic weather station monitoring data is abnormal or lost, so how to ensure that the automatic weather station detection is accurate and complete?

1. Environmental factors

Since most automatic weather station equipment is composed of intelligent electronic components, it has strong sensitivity and is easily affected by external factors, which will seriously affect The quality of meteorological observation data. In addition, the rapid development of urbanization has damaged the automatic weather station and the forecasting environment to a certain extent, causing some severely affected automatic weather stations to be relocated, which seriously affects the integrity of the meteorological observation data. And continuity. In addition, when weather phenomena such as thunder and lightning occur, a certain amount of electromagnetic pulses will be generated, which will not only cause a significant decrease in the performance of the automatic weather station, but also seriously affect the accuracy of the weather observation data, and even damage the automatic weather station.

2. Hardware equipment failure

The safety and normal operation of the hardware equipment of automatic weather stations are the prerequisites for ensuring the smooth development of weather monitoring. If the equipment is not selected properly, the monitoring of automatic weather stations may not reach To the desired effect. Furthermore, the failure of hardware equipment will seriously affect the monitoring of automatic weather stations.

3. Equipment test and calibration

When the automatic weather station continues to work for a long time, it may cause its own performance to decline, and even cause the accuracy of the sensor to decline, so it is necessary to regularly test and calibrate the automatic weather station. The test can more accurately perceive the quality of each automatic weather station. Problems such as the aging of hardware components are that the use time is too long. In this situation, the hardware needs to be replaced. Therefore, the automatic weather station must conduct regular testing, checking, and calibration, so that it can achieve the highest monitoring quality.

Four, equipment maintenance

In the meteorological monitoring work, if the staff fails to regularly maintain the equipment and equipment, it will also seriously affect the data observation quality of the automatic weather station. For the automatic weather station placed near the ground layer, when a heavy rain occurs, the surface of the exposed sensor element is easily covered with dirt and dust. Once the rainwater enters the deep geothermal casing, it will often break the law of ground temperature changes. , Eventually leading to abnormal or missing ground temperature observation data. In addition, as far as the rainfall sensor is concerned, once spider webs, bugs and other debris block the rain gauge water container, it will often cause lagging precipitation, which will lead to a certain difference between the rainfall observation data and the actual rainfall, and so on. Therefore, meteorological observers must do a good job of routine maintenance of various instruments and equipment to improve the quality of meteorological observation data.

The above four points are the most important factors affecting the monitoring of automatic weather stations. Therefore, when the automatic weather station is running, it is necessary to select the appropriate equipment, and regularly test, check and calibrate. The most important point is to choose the address and environment of the automatic weather station. It is best to choose a place that does not disturb its operation. In this way, the accuracy and completeness of the automatic weather station's monitoring can be guaranteed.

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