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What are the features of the two-bus monitoring host

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-02
What are the features of the two-bus monitoring host
In the construction of various environmental monitoring systems, it is often encountered that the monitoring center is far away from the monitoring site and the communication is inconvenient; or the monitoring area is large, the monitoring equipment is used more and the wiring is complicated; or the system is required to monitor data but also It has the function of linkage control, etc. Therefore, in various environmental monitoring systems such as agricultural planting, industrial production, warehousing, teaching, etc., a monitoring host is often used. The monitoring host is the 'brain' of the monitoring system and acts as a dominant position to connect signal input, signal output, and remote monitoring. The function of data collection, data sorting, data upload, over-limit alarm, remote monitoring and other purposes can be realized.

The two-bus monitoring host is a dedicated control host for two-bus devices and needs to be used with two-bus devices. The second bus is a technology that has only been developed in recent years and is suitable for long-distance monitoring, data acquisition, fire alarm and other fields. The second bus is a technology that combines the power supply line and the signal line into one compared to the four-wire system (two power supply lines and two communication lines), which realizes the technology of sharing the same bus for signal and power supply. The second bus saves construction and cable costs, and brings great convenience to on-site construction and later maintenance.

RS-MB-M two-bus monitoring host is a dedicated control host for two-bus devices. Large-screen Chinese LCD display, simple and friendly interface. It has SMS alarm function. After the collected data exceeds the limit, it can send SMS to give an alarm. Powerful offline SMS alarm function. The alarm content can be customized. Remote parameter configuration can also be carried out via SMS.

The two-bus monitoring host plays an important role in data transmission in the environmental monitoring system, ensuring the timeliness and integrity of data monitoring. Only two wires are needed to realize power supply and communication, and the wiring is convenient, and you don't need to follow the hand-in-hand wiring rules, and you can arbitrarily route and branch lines. The device has built-in automatic polarity switching, and the two buses can be connected without distinguishing between positive and negative lines.

Features of the two-bus monitoring host:

(1) Connect multiple devices: through the two-bus master interface, all types of two-bus transmitters of our company can be connected, such as: temperature and humidity Monitoring equipment such as transmitters, gas transmitters, smoke sensor transmitters, etc.

(2) Collect multiple signals: 1 0-100V DC voltage, 3 4-20mA current signals, 4 switching signal acquisition, of which the 4th can be used as an external tipping bucket rain gauge, 1 Water immersion detection, can be connected with a leaking electrode or a leaking rope (up to 30 meters), 2 relay outputs, for alarm or automatic control use, and 1 outdoor LED monochrome display.

(3) Multiple upload methods: with 1 ModBus-RTU slave interface, data can be uploaded via 485 communication; with 1 RJ45 network port, data transmission via network cable: 1 channel 2G /4G communication interface, insert the phone card to upload data to the remote monitoring software.

(4) Large-capacity storage: The host has a built-in memory, which can store up to 520,000 records, and supports three modes: storage prohibition, storage on, and automatic storage; when communication fails, the host automatically stores, and it will be stored after communication is restored Upload the data to the remote monitoring software platform.

(5) Data display: The monitoring host has a large-screen Chinese LCD display, with a simple and friendly interface, which can display system time, equipment status, real-time monitoring data and other content. At the same time, it supports 1 channel of monochrome LED display with a maximum dot matrix number of 1024*256.

(6) Abnormal alarm: Add the alarm values u200bu200bof various elements through the monitoring software or the buttons on the surface. After the collected data exceeds the limit, the host can send a text message alarm through the built-in mobile phone card; it can also be done by sending a text message Remote parameter configuration.

(7) Relay control: The host supports 2 relay outputs by default, and its relay can be linked to the upper and lower limits of any channel for alarm or automatic control.

(8) The device has a unique 8-digit address, which is easy to manage and identify, and can be used with a variety of software platforms provided by our company.

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