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What are the main sectors of smart farming? What are the advantages?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-20
What are the main sectors of smart farming? What are the advantages?
Smart breeding uses modern information technology to accurately grasp the parameters of the breeding environment and the growth dynamics of the breeding animals, and conduct dynamic monitoring and trend analysis of the growth dynamics of the animals and the growth of each reproductive stage, and analyze the growth environment and building design of the breeding animals. Management and anti-epidemic launching for rapid and efficient remote guidance, improving the ability of fine breeding, timely discovering dangerous information in breeding, reminding managers to take corresponding measures to avoid risks, and understanding corresponding information based on various sensor technologies to better develop technology Guide work to promote the increase of production in the breeding industry.

So what are the specific aspects of smart farming and which parts are it composed of? Let's take a look together.

Part: Environmental Monitoring System

The environmental monitoring system is responsible for monitoring the breeding environment, mainly composed of temperature and humidity sensors, ammonia sensors, oxygen sensors, carbon dioxide sensors, carbon monoxide sensors and other sensors to monitor the oxygen concentration in the breeding environment , Air temperature, air humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, ammonia concentration, carbon monoxide concentration and other parameters, and upload the monitored data to the remote monitoring center in time.

Part 2: Video surveillance system

Install cameras in the breeding environment, upload the video images of the breeding environment to the remote monitoring platform in time, and understand the growth of animals remotely in real time. It can also be prevented in advance, which has a deterrent and warning effect on criminals. If theft happens unfortunately, clues can be traced afterwards to provide evidence for the detection of the case.

Three parts: remote monitoring platform

The remote monitoring platform is a web login platform that can access the monitored data and video monitoring screens in the environmental monitoring system, and remotely view the information in the breeding environment. At the same time, the remote monitoring platform also has functions such as online data viewing, historical data viewing, historical data analysis, dynamic growth analysis, intelligent alarms, equipment linkage, and account classification.

Part four: Automatic control equipment

Once the platform detects that the oxygen concentration in the breeding environment is too low or the concentration of toxic gases such as carbon dioxide is too high, it can automatically control the fan to ventilate the breeding environment, or control it Equipment such as heaters and wet curtains provide a suitable environment for animals to grow.

Smart farming has certain advantages compared with traditional farming, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects: (1) Effectively save costs and improve labor production efficiency.

The application of the Internet of Things technology saves manpower and energy. Taking pig raising as an example, the labor production efficiency has increased from 16 people for every 10,000 pigs to 1 person for every 10,000 pigs, and the production efficiency has increased by more than 15 times. If a pig farm produces about 50,000 pigs of various types per year and adopts an intelligent breeding mode, it can save more than 600,000 yuan in labor costs each year. Through the use of intelligent systems, the cost of production materials can be reduced by more than 800,000 yuan per year. At the same time, intelligent breeding of large groups of sows can reduce the occurrence of pig diseases, increase the sow farrowing rate and pig survival rate, and increase economic benefits of more than 5 million yuan throughout the year. .

(2) Enhance the technological level of enterprises, and demonstrate to drive the development of the industry.

The application of smart breeding has strengthened the company's technological level, improved labor production efficiency, promoted the industrialization process of the breeding industry, and set a model for the development of modern and efficient agriculture.

(3) Exploring new models of agricultural industrialization management to drive farmers’ incomes to become rich.

By promoting new smart breeding technology to farmers, organizing farmers to carry out breeding production in accordance with industrialization and standardization is conducive to the stable development of the breeding industry, the transformation of agricultural high-tech, improved labor productivity in the breeding industry, and promotion of local breeding The development of the agricultural industry promotes the adjustment of agricultural industrialization structure and increases farmers’ income, which has significant social and economic benefits.

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