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What are the monitoring indicators of the air quality sensor?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-06
What are the monitoring indicators of the air quality sensor?
There are many factors that affect air quality, such as automobile exhaust emissions, domestic waste incineration, industrial production emissions, etc. For a city, the denser the population, the worse the air quality. Therefore, in addition to industrial production, automobile exhaust pollution and particulate pollution are the two major factors affecting air quality in cities.

Poor air quality will not only cause environmental degradation, but also seriously affect our daily life and physical health. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct real-time monitoring of air quality. Because the air quality indicators that need to be monitored are different in different environments, this article divides the indoor and outdoor air quality indicators for analysis.

1. Indoor air quality monitoring indicators

We spend more than 70% of our time in the indoor environment, and indoor environmental pollution has become one of the killers that seriously affect human health.

Good indoor air quality is the most important factor to protect health. Unqualified indoor air can cause physical discomfort and poor health (such as headache, chest tightness, drowsiness, skin allergies, eye fatigue, frequent colds, etc.). Pregnant women, children, the elderly, office workers, and people with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases are more susceptible to poor indoor air quality. The following is an inventory of key indoor pollutants:

1. Indoor PM value

The degree of indoor PM influence by outdoor PM depends on two factors, one is the air circulation rate, the other is the particulate matter removal rate; the air circulation rate It can be regarded as wind speed; the indoor particle removal rate can basically be measured by observation, and it can be enhanced by many physical means. PM2.5 is slower, PM10 is faster (gravity sedimentation is faster), then the air circulation rate can be controlled further. Strengthen the barrier rate of buildings to air pollution.

2. Formaldehyde, TVOC

Among indoor air pollutants, in addition to the name of formaldehyde, benzene series and TVOC cannot be ignored.

As early as 2018, a geological supervision bureau once notified the results of indoor air quality testing for residents in 2018. From the test data, the pollutant that has the greatest impact on the rate of unqualified indoor air quality is TVOC, followed by formaldehyde. , The influence of benzene is relatively small.

Air pollutants such as benzene series, formaldehyde, TVOC, etc., mainly originate from the continuous volatilization of house decoration or new furniture. This kind of air pollution is difficult to eradicate at one time. Therefore, we must use formal materials when choosing decoration materials. Manufacturer's products; plants can be used in daily life to reduce pollution. Natural plants such as green dill, rich bamboo, grapefruit peel, pineapple, tea and other natural plants adsorb and purify indoor air pollutants.

2. Indoor air quality monitoring indicators

To be precise, outdoor air quality monitoring should be called ambient air quality monitoring or atmospheric monitoring. Its main pollutant items are the six major air pollutants mentioned in the 'Ambient Air Quality StandardsThe monitoring of these pollutants constitutes what we know as the Air Quality Index (AQI).

Usually, the AQI value on our mobile phone is measured by the local environmental protection bureau using the air quality inspection station. The instruments and equipment used in the air quality monitoring station are based on the monitoring methods specified in the 'Ambient Air Quality Standard'. Known as the national standard method instrument. The monitoring equipment in the air quality monitoring station is generally large in size, high in monitoring accuracy, and mostly single-parameter monitoring equipment. Perhaps a set of equipment is only for monitoring and analyzing an air pollution parameter. Therefore, the monitoring of ambient air quality is a combination of multi-parameter data.

The monitoring data of the air quality monitoring station is accurate, but the construction cost is relatively expensive and the monitoring range is limited. Therefore, the small-scale ambient air quality station or the direct application of air quality sensors are more commonly used at present. These instruments usually use non-national standard sensor principles and are relatively inexpensive. They can monitor multiple air quality factors at the same time. They also have the advantages of wide application scenarios and convenient installation.

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