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What are the sources of error in the oil smoke monitoring process? How should it be solved?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-31
What are the sources of error in the oil smoke monitoring process? How should it be solved?
Oil fume is composed of oil gas, oil droplets and oil mist. When the temperature of oil fume reaches above 300℃, a large number of free radicals and lipid peroxides are formed, and the fat solubility is high, and it is easy to enter the blood circulation. It is pulmonary toxicity, immunotoxicity, carcinogenic and mutagenic to the body, and it is induced in the body. The formed free radicals are one of the pathological basis of cancer. At the same time, some pungent odors generated during food cooking are discharged into the surrounding environment along with oil fume, which has a great impact on the human respiratory system, visual organs and health. Oil fume monitoring is imperative! However, in the daily monitoring process, some errors will inevitably occur. This article analyzes the sources of errors in the oil fume monitoring process and proposes corresponding solutions.

1. Sources of errors in the oil fume monitoring process

The sources of errors in the oil fume monitoring process mainly come from two links, one is the error generated in the field monitoring, and the other is the error generated in the experimental analysis.

1.1 Errors in on-site monitoring

(1) The source of error is mainly from on-site sampling, and on-site sampling should be representative. Representativeness refers to the collection of valid samples at a representative time and place and in accordance with the specified sampling requirements. The collected samples can reflect the true status of the pollution source. However, for some restaurants that have been in operation, due to site conditions, such as the location of the fume purifier or the height and geometric characteristics of the exhaust tube, the monitoring personnel are more difficult to operate, and the monitoring process cannot be carried out in strict accordance with the operating procedures. , Make the monitoring result produce error.

(2) Due to the harsh conditions of on-site monitoring in most cases, oil may be contaminated when loading and unloading sampling nozzles or filter cartridges, resulting in high measurement results.

(3) The oil fume purifier has not been cleaned for a long time, resulting in excessive oil residue in the flue and the electrode plate, which makes the measurement result high.

(4) As the emission of oil fume is intermittent, it is possible that the back kitchen may be idle during the monitoring period, which may cause errors in the monitoring results.

(5) A small number of people have insufficient awareness and attention to the importance of monitoring, and mistakenly believe that monitoring is just to give data, which leads to unrepresentative monitoring data.

1.2 Errors in laboratory analysis

(1) The influence of carbon tetrachloride. If the carbon tetrachloride contains impurities and the purity is not high enough, the peak shape of the calibration curve will fluctuate, and the glassware will be contaminated at the same time, which will cause errors in the measurement results. The accuracy of image measurement results.

(2) In the process of cleaning liquid transfer, a small amount of liquid is adsorbed and left in the PTFE sleeve, which will cause errors in the measurement results.

(3) The human error brought by the experimenter during the operation.

2. Countermeasures to reduce the sources of error in oil fume monitoring

(1) Renovate the oil fume purification devices of some restaurants that have been in operation but the monitoring conditions are not reasonable enough. For some new and expanded hotels, in addition to strictly implementing the At the same time, 'outside the system, the approval department will conduct a strict review of the site conditions in conjunction with the construction party to ensure the rationality and operability of the equipment installation, and prepare for future environmental monitoring personnel.

(2) Standardize the operation of on-site monitoring personnel, improve the ability of sampling personnel, and ensure the representativeness and authenticity of collected samples. Wear disposable gloves when replacing the sampling nozzle or filter cartridge, and the two should cooperate to reduce the chance of oil contamination. In addition, it is recommended that the unit under test should regularly maintain and clean the oil fume purification device, on the one hand, it can ensure its normal operation, on the other hand, it can also ensure the monitoring results.

(3) Choose special reagents produced by regular manufacturers, and regularly maintain and calibrate the instruments and equipment used in the laboratory.

(4) Strengthen the construction of the station system. Establish and improve various rules and regulations, establish a complete environmental monitoring quality assurance system, and ensure the accuracy and reliability of monitoring data. Train laboratory analysts to analyze samples in strict accordance with technical specifications and operating procedures, thereby reducing human error.

(5) Strengthen business training and learning, and strive to improve the business level of monitoring personnel.

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