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What are the uses of soil tachometers in smart agriculture?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-15
What are the uses of soil tachometers in smart agriculture?
With the rapid development of my country's market economy, the agricultural planting structure has been adjusted substantially, and the planting area of u200bu200bfood crops has gradually decreased, and the planting area of u200bu200bcash crops has continued to increase. In order to pursue the best economic benefits, planters increasingly emphasize scientific farming.

According to the survey, most of China's agriculture still uses pesticides and fertilizers, which not only bring harm to some crops, but also cause ecological problems such as soil acidification and soil compaction. And the cultivation of smart agriculture can overcome some disadvantages.

The development of agriculture has very high requirements for the environment, so the environmental conditions must meet certain standards. Including soil, temperature, moisture, conductivity, etc., must be coordinated, so that it is conducive to agricultural planting.

Soil temperature has a great influence on crop growth, microbial activities in the soil, the transformation of various nutrients, soil water evaporation and movement. Within a certain temperature range, the higher the soil temperature, the faster the growth and development of crops; if the soil temperature is too low, microbial activity is weakened, organic matter is difficult to decompose, and the root respiration of crops is reduced, resulting in crop nutrient deficiency and slower growth.

Soil moisture refers to the moisture in the soil layer from the ground down to the groundwater surface (shallow water surface). It can supply crop production. It is a necessary condition for agricultural production and an important part of soil fertility. Drought crops with insufficient water will cause crops to fail to grow and yield a lot; too much water will affect the increase in soil temperature and the aeration of the soil, which will adversely affect the growth and development of vegetables.

Soil conductivity is used to describe soil salt status, and it contains rich information reflecting soil quality and physical properties. For example: the salt, moisture, temperature, organic matter content and texture structure in the soil all affect the electrical conductivity of the soil to varying degrees. Effective acquisition of soil conductivity values u200bu200bis of great significance for determining the differences in the temporal and spatial distribution of various field parameters.

At present, the technology of soil monitoring is relatively mature, and the soil rapid measuring instrument can well meet the needs of current soil monitoring.

In order to better measure the soil electrical conductivity, temperature, and water content, a soil rapid tester is launched. This rapid tester is developed by our company to quickly detect soil temperature, moisture content, and EC conductivity. The rapid tester with equal parameters, the rapid tester adopts a hand-held design, which is convenient for users to carry. The probe adopts a needle-shaped probe design and is made of stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance and toughness. The rapid measuring instrument uses FDR technology for soil moisture measurement and AC detection technology for EC conductivity measurement. The product has high measurement accuracy and fast response speed. The low-power LCD screen is used to display the measurement values, which is concise and clear. The product uses ordinary three ordinary AA batteries to supply power and is easy to replace. The product adopts a low-power design as a whole and three AA batteries can last for up to two years.

Equipment features:

1, plug and measure

The shape of the soil rapid tester adopts a hand-held design, and the result can be displayed by inserting the product into the soil, which is suitable for a variety of Type of soil;

2. Large-screen LCD digital display

Real-time monitoring of soil components (detection of multiple organic components in the soil), the data is displayed through the use of battery-powered high-definition large-screen LCD, interface parameters The function display is clear, the numerical value is displayed in a carousel, and the battery can be replaced;

3. Highly sensitive probe, accurate measurement

The probe plug-in design ensures accurate measurement, reliable performance, low threshold and few steps , The measurement is fast, no reagents are needed, and the number of detections is unlimited.

4. Small size, light weight, convenient for users to carry.

This rapid measuring instrument is widely used in fields such as farmland production, soil research, greenhouse planting, orchard nursery, gardening planting, tree planting, pot planting and so on.

The soil tachometer can make timely monitoring and analysis of the soil, which is of great significance for scientific planting, high-efficiency production, increase of land yield, and better realization of sustainable agricultural development.

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