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What are the ways to kill insects in smart agriculture

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-15
What are the ways to kill insects in smart agriculture
Green prevention and control is the basic requirement for the development of modern ecological agriculture, it is also the prerequisite for its realization, and it is also an important link to realize the sustainable development of agriculture. In the process of crop growth, in addition to the influence of climate and hydrological conditions, the prevention and control of pests and diseases is also particularly important.

For a long time, the prevention and control of agricultural pests in my country has relied on chemical pesticides. Although pesticides have insecticidal effects, long-term use of pesticides will not only affect the quality of agricultural products, but also destroy microorganisms in the soil. It causes soil compaction and the use of pesticides kills pests. At the same time, beneficial insects do the same, destroying the ecological chain and weakening the natural recovery ability of the soil. If pesticides are frequently used, they will cause pesticide residues in the crops, which will endanger health after human consumption. In the long run, it is very detrimental to the sustainable development of agriculture, nor does it satisfy the concept of green agriculture.

Summer is the season when many fruits grow vigorously, and it is also a period when pests are high. Affected by the environment of high temperature and humidity, pest activities during this period are extremely active. How to achieve the effective prevention and control of pests without affecting the quality and safety of the fruit, and to realize the ecological green development of the orchard?

In the past few years, physical control has been popularized in many large-scale planting bases. Through the application of some products, insect pests can be prevented without affecting the growth of crops. So how do these products prevent pests? What is the specific principle? The following editor will introduce two physical pest control methods to you in detail.

1. Air-suction insecticidal lamp

The air-suction insecticidal lamp is a physical insect-killing device, which uses light waves to lure adult pests to flutter the lamp, and then the fan rotates to generate a negative pressure airflow to suck the insects into the collection In the container, let it air-dry and dehydrate to achieve the purpose of killing insects. The wind-suction insecticidal lamp uses solar panels as the power source. Through the operation and stop of the light and rainfall control equipment, the power is stored in the standby state during the day, and the insecticidal lamp is provided with power at night to attract pests to the light source.

2. Intelligent pest monitoring system

The field monitoring of crop diseases and insect pests is mainly through the modern automatic monitoring and reporting system of pest situation, using modern light, electricity, numerical control technology, wireless transmission technology, Internet of things and other technologies, combining Practical experience and historical data, real-time monitoring and analysis of field pest status, and prediction of future occurrence trends of pests and diseases, greatly improving labor efficiency and accuracy of monitoring results, and providing accurate and timely information for the majority of scientific researchers and growers Forecast service.

The insect situation monitoring system has the characteristics of automatic trapping, automatic collection of insect situation images, automatic transmission of insect situation images to the server, cloud sharing of insect situation images, and statistical analysis of insect situation information. After the insects trapped by the insect situation observation lamp enter the observation equipment, they will be dried and processed. The insect situation monitoring system will take pictures and remote data transmission of the insects that enter the collection tray, so that the plant protection staff can sit in front of the computer. Real-time analysis of insect situation and timely release of early warning information. The traditional insect situation monitoring lamp can only carry out the insect situation forecasting, and the forecasting data and images need to be obtained by a special person at the resettlement point. However, it is very convenient if the insect situation monitoring system is used.

The above two treatment methods for pests and diseases are resource-saving and environment-friendly technologies, which minimize the cost of preventing and controlling crop pests, help protect the agricultural ecological environment, and keep crops in a good, natural environment. grow healthy.

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