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What are the weather station monitoring equipment?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-10
What are the weather station monitoring equipment?

As people pay more attention to meteorological observations, the application of weather stations has become more and more extensive. Nowadays, they are used in many industries such as agriculture, forestry, industry, tourism, marine fishery, meteorology, water conservancy, transportation, and electricity. You can see it.

Used in different fields, weather stations are equipped with different sensors. For example, when used in agriculture, gas needs to be used with various soil sensors to monitor soil moisture; in the tourism industry, it is used in conventional meteorological element monitoring. A negative oxygen ion sensor is added to monitor the concentration of negative oxygen ions. Therefore, according to its function, we can also call it an agricultural weather station, an automatic weather station for scenic spots, etc. In addition, we call the weather station used for campus meteorological education, called the campus automatic weather station; the weather station used for hydrological and water level monitoring, called the automatic water level monitoring station, as well as meteorological rainfall stations, rainwater regime monitoring stations, and more. Element weather station and so on.

The weather station equipment is complex and diverse, and the weather monitoring equipment in different fields is slightly different. They are all configured according to the monitoring points to achieve the final monitoring data and ensure the accuracy of the data. Let me summarize the common weather station equipment for everyone.

1. Weather monitoring equipment

The monitoring equipment commonly used in weather stations mainly includes temperature and humidity sensors, rain gauges, wind speed sensors, wind direction sensors, and weather shutters. , Solar radiation sensor, ultraviolet sensor, rain and snow sensor.

These meteorological monitoring equipment mainly monitor air temperature, air humidity, wind direction and wind speed, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, ground temperature, solar radiation, gas, negative oxygen ions, evaporation, ultraviolet rays and other elements, and data business processing It is fully in line with the requirements of China Meteorological Administration for operational meteorological observations, and it is the standard equipment for ground meteorological observations of basic and general weather stations of China Meteorological Administration.

2. Rainfall monitoring equipment

Rainfall monitoring generally uses rain gauges and tipping bucket rain gauges. The ability to monitor rainfall changes in time can provide accurate, true and timely data references for flood prevention and disaster prevention. It has the advantages of accurate time, automatic data recording and convenient data collection, compilation and processing. It can effectively improve the degree of automation of precipitation observation, reduce the workload of observers, and provide more valuable meteorological information for meteorological monitoring and services.

3. Soil monitoring equipment

Soil monitoring equipment includes soil temperature and moisture sensors, soil conductivity sensors, soil pH sensors, soil nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium sensors, which are mainly used for crop soil environment Monitoring, to provide high-quality soil environmental monitoring data for agricultural monitoring and services. It is suitable for the main soil types in my country's climatic regions, with easy installation, stable performance, high reliability, and extremely convenient maintenance and verification. Obtaining representative, accurate and comparable continuous observation data can reduce the labor of manual observation.

The advantages of weather station:

1. Multi-meteorological element monitoring

Can monitor 99% of meteorological elements: wind speed, wind direction, soil temperature, soil moisture, soil EC, soil PH, air temperature, air humidity, noise, carbon dioxide, atmospheric pressure, light, rain and snow status, ultraviolet light, total radiation, carbon monoxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, PM2.5, PM10, Twenty-eight monitoring factors such as negative oxygen ions, ammonia, TVOC, rainfall, and soil nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Real-time observation of changes in various elements in the weather, measurement elements can be freely matched, and an external 192*96 outdoor LED screen can display real-time values.

2. Two power supply systems

One is the dual power supply of 220V city power and solar panels. Provide power supply with battery to ensure that the monitoring work of the weather station will not be interrupted; the other uses 60W solar panel + battery power supply mode, in the case of continuous rainy weather, the battery can also ensure the normal operation of the equipment for 7 days.

3. Three data upload methods

Built-in 1 multifunctional GPRS communication interface, 1 RJ45 network port and 1 ModBus-RTU slave interface, supporting RS485 and Ethernet Wired and GPRS/4G wireless three communication methods, upload the weather monitoring data to the weather monitoring host, PLC, configuration screen or remote monitoring software.

4. Waterproof and anti-condensation treatment

The outdoor humidity is high, and condensation will occur. Condensation will affect the service life of the equipment, so the anti-condensation treatment of the collection terminal is It is very necessary to do waterproof and anti-condensation treatment for outdoor weather monitoring points to ensure the service life of the collection terminal under the outdoor high temperature environment.

5. Provide free cloud platform

The cloud platform integrates data collection, analysis, early warning, and linkage control. Real-time instrument display is convenient for the upper limit, lower limit and measurement range of each node; real-time map display is convenient for viewing the location information of the current equipment; historical data is quickly searched, and Excel, PDF files are exported with one key; relay control is supported.

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