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What details should be paid attention to when installing the dust monitoring system?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-12
What details should be paid attention to when installing the dust monitoring system?
According to the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, China Environmental Protection Online and other websites, in order to actively respond to the call to 'win the blue sky defense war

Flying dust from construction sites has become an important factor affecting air quality. For fugitive dust pollution, it is composed of particles with a large medium size, which are often blocked in the upper respiratory system. Below 10 microns, it will enter the lower respiratory tract, and below 2.5 microns, it will accumulate in the alveoli, causing a series of diseases. In severe cases, it can lead to lung failure and death. For safety in all aspects, we need to implement corresponding management, such as installing a corresponding fugitive dust monitoring system to monitor the fugitive dust concentration in real time.

The fugitive dust monitoring system consists of two parts: a noise fugitive dust monitor and an online dust monitoring platform. The noise fugitive dust monitor is mainly composed of a fugitive dust monitoring unit, a noise monitoring unit, a weather monitoring unit, a data acquisition and processing unit, a data transmission unit, and an LED It is composed of screen display unit, solar power supply unit, and video character overlay unit. It has various functions such as PM2.5, PM10, ambient temperature and humidity, wind speed and wind direction monitoring, noise monitoring, video monitoring, etc., to realize the monitoring of construction site environmental parameters , Display, data upload, and video overlay functions, perfectly connected to the government platform, so as to achieve 24-hour real-time supervision of the construction site environment.

The online dust monitoring platform can integrate field multi-element data to achieve centralized monitoring. The platform can realize real-time monitoring, easy to view, set upper and lower limits, realize data over-limit alarm function, and can push alarm messages or emails to designated contacts, and can link fog cannons to reduce dust. The platform has a data recording function, and normal data and over-limit data can also be classified and displayed. The platform can realize single-site multi-parameter query, multi-site single-parameter query, historical data query, historical trajectory query, and can analyze and process data, with multiple data display forms.

Precautions for installation:

Ensure that the surrounding area is open: The installation of the dust monitoring system needs to ensure that the surrounding area is open, because if there is obstruction, it will easily affect the accuracy of the monitoring data and lose the meaning of the monitoring data. In order to avoid monitoring data errors, it is best to keep the surrounding area open.

Keep away from strong magnetic field environment: The dust monitoring system itself relies on sensors to monitor environmental elements. The sensors themselves are very sophisticated. Therefore, you need to stay away from areas with strong magnetic fields and radiation, such as transformers and wires, during installation. All may affect the results of sensor monitoring.

Installation details:

1. The installation details of the dust monitoring system also need to be paid attention to, because the sensor itself is very precise, so the equipment should be handled with care during installation, and the equipment should not be treated roughly to avoid damage to the equipment. Damaged.

2. Before installing the display screen, check the flatness and firmness of the installation surface of the installation structure.

3. The installation of the dust detector must be installed in strict accordance with the design specifications, and the connection and raw materials of the installation accessories cannot be changed privately.

4. The connection line of the electrical appliance must be connected correctly and checked and confirmed.

5. The installation location needs to consider local changes and actual conditions, and professional personnel are responsible for the design and construction.

6. When installing outdoors, the display screen needs to consider the waterproof, dustproof, corrosion-proof, and lightning-proof of the display screen.

7. The local temperature should be considered during installation, and the heat dissipation and ventilation of the display should be kept well.

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