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What exactly is the Internet of Things?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-02
What exactly is the Internet of Things?
In recent years, in various conferences, exhibitions, and news, we often hear words such as 'Internet of EverythingThe magical network of 'things connected, everything is connected'.

Do you really understand what the Internet of Things is?

The Internet of Things, as the name implies, is a network that connects various 'things' to each other through certain technical means to realize the connection and control between things and things, and between people and things; it is an extension on the basis of the Internet And the extended network can be a huge network formed by combining various information sensing equipment with the network, realizing the interconnection and intercommunication of people, machines, and things at any time and any place.

Relying on the development of modern communication technology, technologies such as wireless local area network, Bluetooth, Zigbee and even 5G are widely used in the Internet of Things, which makes humans no longer just control the objects around them, and this control has been extended to more Many more distant objects, even larger systems.

How are things-things and people-things related?

The main components of the Internet of Things can be divided into four layers, namely the perception layer, the network layer, the support layer and the application layer. As one of the important components of the perception layer of the Internet of Things, sensors are the foundation of the entire Internet of Things.

There is a huge amount of data information in the Internet of Things system, and the source of this information is the sensors located in the terminal. Sensors are not only an extension of human senses, but also a 'language' for communication between objects in the 'Internet of Everything' era. The sensor can input any kind of information from specific light, heat, motion, humidity, pressure or many other environmental phenomena, and convert it into a value that can be read and used by humans.

With the continuous development of the Internet of Things, sensor technology is also advancing rapidly. Various sensors are applied to different fields and become the main means and ways to obtain information in the Internet of Things.

We all say that the Internet of Things can realize the 'Internet of Everything

Since the Internet of Things technology was proposed more than two decades ago, after a long period of silence, it is finally able to show its talents in today's rapid development of science and technology. For example, in the industry 4.0 era, we need to use sensors to monitor and control various parameters in the production process to keep the equipment in normal working conditions; in the field of smart home, sensors are used to realize the user and lighting, refrigerators, air conditioners, audio and other various parameters. The basis of home-like interaction; in driverless driving, it is necessary to collect and process traffic and environmental data through sensors, so as to ensure the safe driving of cars on the road...Even the shared bicycles and shared bicycles commonly used in our lives Internet of Things technology is also applied to power banks.

For now, the Internet of Things is still in a stage of vigorous development. It is different from the traditional Internet of Things. It can form a corresponding industrial Internet of things according to different industries: at the same time, it is Development complements each other. In the future, the development of the Internet of Things will involve more industries and all aspects of the field. The Internet of Things will not only change human life, but also reflect the advantages of the Internet of Things in environmental protection, industrial production, and medical diagnosis.

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