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What functions can the computer room environmental monitoring system achieve

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-25
What functions can the computer room environmental monitoring system achieve
With the continuous development of information network technology, network equipment rooms of various scales, types and quantities of equipment are widely distributed in the locations of the user’s branches, due to the lack of operations commensurate with the scale system of the operating network. Maintenance system, the physical operating environment conditions, power distribution conditions, equipment operating conditions, personnel activity conditions, and changes in fire protection conditions of a large number of unattended computer rooms, including possible critical conditions, cannot be discovered and dealt with in time. It is difficult to effectively foresee, prevent and avoid. Therefore, a complete computer room environment monitoring system is very important for computer rooms, IDCs and other places.

(Topology diagram of the computer room environment monitoring system)

The computer room environment monitoring system is a computer that comprehensively utilizes computer network technology, database technology, communication technology, automatic control technology, new sensor technology, etc. The network provides an automated, intelligent and high-efficiency technical means based on computer technology and centralized management and monitoring mode. The system monitoring objects are mainly equipment room power and environmental monitoring equipment (such as: power distribution, UPS, air conditioning, etc.) , Temperature and humidity, water leakage, smoke, video, access control, fire fighting system, etc.).

So what functions can the computer room environment monitoring system achieve? Let’s take a look:

1. Real-time monitoring function:

The computer room environment monitoring system can collect the operating parameters, working status and alarm information of each device in real time. It can monitor intelligent and non-intelligent equipment, and accurately realize the four remote functions of remote signaling, remote adjustment, remote control and remote adjustment. It can truly monitor the various working status and operating parameters of the monitored field object equipment. Real-time monitoring of the power supply and distribution information of the data center computer room, precision air conditioner terminal information, temperature and humidity, water leakage and other environmental parameters can be uploaded to the local monitoring platform RS-RJ-K, or to the environmental monitoring cloud platform, which can realize remote control Monitor field objects for convenient control operations, and remotely modify the parameters of field objects with configurable operating parameters to achieve unified supervision.

2. Alarm function:

When the computer room environmental monitoring system detects that a certain parameter exceeds the safety threshold, it can provide interface alarms, multimedia voice alarms, SMS alarms, telephone alarms and other alarm methods, and Make event records for recall and analysis. System alarms can be configured according to different needs, such as alarm levels, alarm shielding, and alarm thresholds.

3. Configuration management function:

The monitoring system can be viewed and managed remotely through the cloud platform, event information can be obtained in real time, and device parameters can be set remotely. Operators on duty in the system can remotely control or adjust related equipment to handle related events or adjust the working status of the equipment to ensure that the equipment in the computer room is running in the best condition. When the system is running, system management and maintenance personnel can also use the system configuration function to configure the operating parameters of the monitoring system to ensure efficient and accurate operation of the monitoring system. When the personnel on duty of the system or system management and maintenance personnel change, the configuration function can be used to authorize the relevant personnel accordingly.

(Environmental monitoring cloud platform equipment management interface)

4. Security management function

The computer room environmental monitoring system provides multi-level passwords and multi-level authorization to ensure the security of the system; All operations are recorded for inquiries; the system can also manage the shifts of on-duty personnel; and has system data backup and recovery functions.

5. Report management function

The computer room environment monitoring system can provide all equipment operation history data, statistical data and graph query, report, statistics, classification, printing and other functions, for the computer room operation and maintenance personnel to analyze and research For use.

6. Multi-level authority management function

Because there are multiple systems running in the computer room and belong to different units, in order to ensure the independence and safety of each system, the computer room environmental monitoring system has multiple levels of authority The management function is managed by dividing different system permissions.

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