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What functions should the environmental monitoring platform have

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-25
What functions should the environmental monitoring platform have
Recently, the news of the Japanese government's decision to discharge nuclear waste water into the sea has aroused global heated debate. Although the concentration of these nuclear waste water will be greatly reduced after human intervention, these substances such as tritium cannot be completely removed. Therefore, once these nuclear waste water flows into the sea, it is very harmful to the marine ecological environment and human beings. This is also very different from the education we have received since we were young. 'Protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility' and 'Green water and green mountains are the golden mountains and silver mountains' are not just propaganda slogans, but also things that we should practice with practical actions.

China has made a lot of efforts in environmental protection: for example, environmental protection has been established as a basic national policy of China, and the 'Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law, 'Noise Pollution Prevention and Control Regulations' and many other special environmental protection laws and regulations, industrial pollution prevention and comprehensive improvement of the urban environment, strengthening of land remediation and rural environmental protection, organizing large-scale tree planting and afforestation activities to protect the ecological environment and biodiversity , Carrying out environmental science and technology and environmental publicity and education. At the same time, all walks of life are constantly improving environmental monitoring technology and equipment, such as: dust monitors, oil fume monitors, multi-functional weather stations, etc. These equipment can monitor the temperature and humidity, PM2.5, PM10, and atmospheric pressure in the environment in real time. , Wind speed, wind direction, carbon dioxide and other parameters, and upload various information to the environmental monitoring platform for unified viewing and management.

At present, there are many manufacturers of relevant equipment on the market, and there are also many supporting monitoring platforms. So what functions does a qualified and complete environmental monitoring platform need?

1. Real-time data monitoring

The interface of the platform should be able to visually display the environmental information of the area, the average value of the city-wide factors, the real-time information of the monitoring equipment and the equipment list, etc.

Second, historical data query

The platform should be able to quickly find the site and select the parameter type to be viewed for data query. The page presents nearly 24 hours of hourly average data in two intuitive forms: a list and a line graph . It is convenient to view the change curve of the recent parameter concentration, and analyze the data conveniently and quickly.

3. Data abnormal alarm

The platform can set the upper and lower limits of various parameters. When the data exceeds or falls below the limit, the platform will start to alarm to remind the relevant personnel of technical processing. For alarm events, a unified table should be formed to support export. You can also quickly search for alarm events by selecting the site and alarm type.

Four. Remote video monitoring

The platform can be connected to each monitoring point remotely. The monitoring is the idea, collect real-time video images of each monitoring point, and use real-time monitoring and on-site monitoring functions to clean the site conditions in a clean and intuitive manner. Present to the user.

V. Electronic map function

The electronic map function can visually display the location of monitoring points in the area, and the list can quickly query the required monitoring points. Move the mouse to a monitoring point to view the name of the point, and click a monitoring point to view real-time monitoring data, basic information of the monitoring point, parameter change trends, etc.

Six. Statistical analysis function

The platform needs to perform statistics, comparison and analysis on the existing data in the system. For example: comparison with the city average, monthly average year-on-year/month-on-month ratio, particle concentration distribution range, equipment query, transmission efficiency query, and administrative district average comparison. In order to meet different needs, the comparison can provide three manifestations of histogram, line graph, and list, and support the export function.

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