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What is a scenic weather station?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-11
What is a scenic weather station?
The eleventh holiday is coming soon. Under the background of the epidemic, going out to travel, looking at the weather and time can no longer satisfy the three elements of the right time, the place and the people. The environmental safety of tourist attractions is one of the attractions that attract tourists to come for sightseeing. The big reason. The scenic weather station, which can display the high-quality environmental image of the scenic spot through environmental monitoring, has now become the 'standard configuration' of the 5A-level scenic spot. So what is a scenic weather station? What is the significance of the scenic weather station?

The scenic weather station is specially designed to monitor the meteorological data of scenic spots. It can monitor the ecological environment and meteorological environment elements of the scenic spot in real time, and provide accurate and systematic data for the meteorological data such as the real-time meteorological conditions and ecological comfort index of the scenic spot.

The scenic weather station can monitor air humidity, noise, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, carbon dioxide, atmospheric pressure, sunlight, rain and snow status, ultraviolet light, total radiation, carbon monoxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, Twenty-eight meteorological environmental elements such as oxygen, PM2.5, PM10, negative oxygen ions, ammonia, TVOC, soil temperature, soil moisture, soil EC, soil PH, air temperature, soil nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Timely release weather information through the LED display, such as tourist weather service information, wind speed and direction, heavy rain and other scenic spots notification information. It not only enables tourists to have a more intuitive understanding of the scenic environment, enhances the ability to release weather information, and enhances the meteorological disaster prevention capabilities of tourist attractions, but also provides scientific basis and basic data for accumulating meteorological data and analyzing climate change.

Features of scenic weather station:

1. Scenic weather station has poles and tripods, which can be selected according to the specific environment;

2, three data upload methods: built-in 1 multifunctional GPRS communication interface, 1 RJ45 network port and 1 ModBus-RTU slave interface, supports RS485, Ethernet wired and GPRS/4G wireless communication methods, and uploads weather monitoring data to the weather monitoring host and PLC , Configuration screen or remote monitoring software.

3. Real-time monitoring of 28 environmental monitoring elements such as air temperature, air humidity, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, rainfall, total solar radiation, negative oxygen ion concentration, oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc. (optional according to requirements).

4. Each sensor component in the scenic weather station is an independent individual, one line is connected to one device, and the building blocks are installed. It can add elements at any time in the later period without returning to the factory for processing, which saves time and improves efficiency for monitoring;

5. The whole pole of the scenic weather station adopts 2 flange connections, simple field wiring, reliable connection, and stable installation , Easy to transport. The pole is made of high-yield-strength carbon steel and has a unique anti-rust and corrosion-resistant technology. It can be used in harsh outdoor environments for a long time, and will not bend or corrode under harsh conditions;

6, scenic weather stations can be used Optional 60W solar panel with lead battery power supply. On a sunny day, the lead-acid battery can be fully charged in 7.5 hours, and the fully-charged lead-acid battery can work for about seven days in continuous rainy and cloudy days;

7. Scenic spots and other environments need to show real-time monitoring data to tourists, and scenic weather station equipment Can be connected with an external LED display. It can provide 1024*256 dot matrix LED display to meet the viewing requirements of different scenes; 8. Data upload cloud platform, supports multiple viewing methods on mobile phones and computers, users can set the upper and lower limits of each environmental element monitoring through the cloud platform Alarm value, if the data exceeds the limit, the system will notify the user in the form of platform alarm, SMS alarm, and email alarm; in addition, the system has the functions of data storage and data analysis, allowing users to view historical data or download and print history in a curved manner data.

Precautions for the use of scenic weather stations: 1. The sensors in scenic weather stations are relatively sophisticated. Once the sensors are abnormal, the monitoring data will be affected. Therefore, when checking the sensors, always check the data fed back by each sensor. If there is any abnormality, contact the manufacturer in time.

2. Always check whether the support of the scenic weather station is firm, and clean the spider webs and dust on the outside of the sensor with a fine brush that should be relatively dry regularly. Do not touch with your hands.

3. In order to prevent various failures of the scenic weather station, observers should continuously strengthen business learning, operate in strict accordance with the requirements of the specification, and improve the emergency handling level of automatic station failures.

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