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What is a temperature and humidity transmitter?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-11
What is a temperature and humidity transmitter?
In the early days, due to technical limitations, the temperature and humidity sensor could not realize the two functions of measuring temperature and humidity at the same time, and could only use the temperature sensor and humidity sensor to monitor separately. Later, with the gradual development of science and technology, the two were combined to form Now these various temperature and humidity monitoring equipment.

1. The development history of temperature and humidity sensors

1. Temperature sensor

As early as 1593, Italian scientist Galileo invented a thermometer for people to measure temperature. The working principle of this thermometer is to use liquid The thermal expansion of the liquid column is used to measure the current temperature through the temperature scale corresponding to the height of the liquid column. Until now, we are still using a thermometer based on this principle to simply measure the temperature.

The thermometer is very popular in daily use, but in industrial production, the thermometer has the problems of small range and limited accuracy, which cannot meet the industrial production. Until 1821, the German physicist Seebeck discovered the Seebeck effect that turns temperature into an electrical signal, and produced a thermocouple sensor based on this effect to measure temperature. It can be said that the invention of the temperature sensor left behind to promote the industrial revolution. An indelible contribution.

2. Humidity sensor

The origin of the humidity sensor is undocumented, but most of the humidity sensors have been based on humidity sensitive resistors. There is a layer of humidity sensitive material on the humidity sensitive resistor. When the water vapor in the air is adsorbed on the moisture-sensitive membrane, the resistivity and resistance value of the element will change. This feature can be used to measure humidity.

Second, what is the difference between a sensor and a transmitter?

The difference between the temperature and humidity sensor and the transmitter, we first distinguish it conceptually. The sensor is a detection device that can sense the measured information and transform the sensed information into electrical Signal or other required forms of information output to meet the requirements of information transmission, processing, storage, display, recording and control.

Transmitter is a kind of converter that can convert non-standard electrical signals into standard electrical signals according to commands. It can be said that the transmitter is based on the sensor, and converts the information transmitted by the sensor into a certain regular output signal according to the command, such as the RS485 temperature and humidity transmitter, GPRS temperature and humidity transmitter that we often hear, Analog quantity temperature and humidity transmitter, etc.

3. Application scenarios of temperature and humidity transmitters

Most temperature and humidity transmitters do not exist alone in actual applications, but rely on the overall application system, and the transmission layer (environmental monitoring host , Computer room monitoring host, etc.), the application layer (Cloud Control Communication, RS-RJ-K monitoring platform, Cloud Control Communication platform, etc.) are used in combination. Here are several PeopleSoft temperature and humidity monitoring system solutions:

1 Drug storeroom temperature and humidity monitoring program

The drug storeroom temperature and humidity monitoring program (network cable crystal plug connection method) is an environmental monitoring program designed specifically for monitoring the temperature and humidity data of the drug storeroom and conforms to the national pharmaceutical industry GSP standard. It is composed of 485 The temperature and humidity transmitter, environmental monitoring host, environmental monitoring platform and uninterrupted power supply are composed of four parts. The temperature and humidity data in the warehouse environment is obtained in real time through the front-end temperature and humidity transmitter, and the data is summarized and uploaded to the medical monitoring software for display through the environmental monitoring host And storage, real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity in the drug warehouse, over-limit alarm, online remote monitoring.

2. Granary temperature and humidity monitoring solution

The granary needs to check the temperature changes frequently, so that it is convenient to find the hot spots of the granary in time and reduce the loss of grain in time. However, the heat transfer of grain piles is relatively slow, which makes people feel extremely poor. It requires managers to often enter the muggy and choking grain bins to check the temperature and humidity of the grain piles, and constantly carry out heavy manual labor such as turning the bins and ventilating. It is extremely harmful to the human body, and it is unscientific and untimely. Therefore, food moth-eaten and mildew often occur. In this regard, through the use of granary-based temperature and humidity monitoring solutions to solve such problems.

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