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What is an industrial PH sensor?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-03
What is an industrial PH sensor?
In recent years, the national water pollution prevention and control situation has faced new changes, and the prevention and control of water pollution has become a major problem. With the continuous development of industrial modernization, the types and quantities of industrial wastewater produced have increased rapidly, causing water bodies in various places to suffer from different degrees of pollution. In order to reduce water pollution, the state has planned industrial wastewater monitoring as one of the key monitoring parts of water environment pollution.

In industrial wastewater monitoring, pH value is an important indicator for monitoring industrial wastewater. Because the level and size of the PH value in industrial wastewater, industrial wastewater and chemical wastewater will have a certain impact on the pipelines, pumps, gate valves and water treatment structures of water treatment equipment. In industrial wastewater, most microorganisms have an adaptation range of pH 4.5-9, and the most suitable pH range is 6.5-7.5.

When the pH is lower than 6.5, the fungus starts to compete with the bacteria. When the pH reaches 4.5, the fungus will have a complete advantage in the biochemical tank, which will seriously affect the sedimentation results of the sludge; when the pH exceeds 9, the microorganisms The metabolic rate will be hindered.

In order to monitor the PH value of industrial wastewater, we generally use industrial PH sensors. The industrial PH sensor is a sensor used to monitor the concentration of hydrogen ions in the tested solution and convert it into a corresponding usable output signal.

The industrial PH sensor RS-PH-*-2-* is a sensor independently developed by our company to monitor the pH value (hydrogen ion concentration index, pH) of the solution. With automatic temperature compensation function, automatic temperature compensation and manual temperature compensation can be switched at will. This product is suitable for industrial sewage, domestic sewage, agriculture, aquaculture and other scenarios in a non-corrosive weak acid and weak alkali environment.

The sensor adopts a high-precision sensor with accurate measurement. Its pH measurement range is between 0~14pH and the resolution is 0.01pH. It can work within 0-60℃ and relative humidity 0-85%. Its electrode adapts to temperature between 0-80℃. There are four lengths of 5m, 10m, 15m and 20m for cable length. The product shell is IP65 and the protection grade can be used. Outdoor rain and snow environment.

Industrial PH sensor output signal types are divided into RS485 and analog quantity. Among them, RS485 industrial PH sensor can communicate up to 2000 meters, the standard modbus protocol, the communication address can be set, and the baud rate can be modified. The data collected by the RS485 industrial PH sensor can be connected to the environmental monitoring host through RS485 wiring, and then uploaded to the environmental monitoring cloud platform through GPRS/4G signal output. Real-time monitoring is achieved through the environmental monitoring cloud platform to ensure the safe discharge of industrial wastewater. In addition, the environmental monitoring cloud platform also has the functions of analyzing, viewing and exporting historical data, and remotely setting data parameters. It supports multiple login methods on the computer web terminal, mobile APP and WeChat official account.

When the pH concentration exceeds the preset alarm value, it can provide interface alarm, sound and light alarm, SMS alarm, phone alarm, email alarm and other alarm methods to remind managers to troubleshoot the cause of excessive PH value in time , And record the event for invocation and analysis.

Industrial PH sensor installation method:

1. Submerged installation: the lead wire of the pH electrode passes through the stainless steel tube, the 3/4 thread on the top of the pH electrode and the stainless steel 3/4 thread use raw material tape Connected. Make sure that no water enters the top of the electrode and the electrode wire.

2. Side wall installation: The manufacturer provides a 316L all-stainless steel sheath with a bevel, and the pH electrode can be screwed into the sheath.

3. Pipeline installation: connect to the pipeline through the 3/4 thread of the pH electrode.

Industrial PH sensor precautions and maintenance:

1. The equipment itself generally does not require routine maintenance. When there is an obvious failure, please do not open it for repair, and contact the manufacturer as soon as possible!

2. In principle, the electrode should be calibrated before each measurement, and the electrode should be calibrated regularly for long-term use.

4. Before the measurement, the bubbles in the electrode glass bulb should be shaken off, otherwise it will affect the measurement. During the measurement, the electrode should be agitated in the measured solution and placed still in order to accelerate the response.

5. Deionized water is used to clean the electrodes before and after the measurement to ensure accuracy.

6. When not in use, the electrode should be stored in 3mol/L potassium chloride solution (3M KCl). Drying the pH electrode for a long time or soaking it in distilled water will shorten the life of the electrode.

7. The electrode life cycle is about one year, and the electrode should be replaced in time after aging.

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