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What is NB-IoT temperature and humidity sensor?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-13
What is NB-IoT temperature and humidity sensor?
From 2G to 5G, mobile communication networks are constantly being updated...

In the beginning, mobile communication networks were born for people, trying to connect people to each other, but with the advent of 4G, people are not satisfied with Only in pursuit of speed, it gradually evolves in the direction of connecting 'things'.

The era of the Internet of Everything is coming, and the development of mobile communication networks has branched out.

One side is big traffic, and the other is small data. Mobile broadband is on one side, and the Internet of Things era on the other.

NB-IoT is an emerging technology in the IoT field, which supports the cellular data connection of low-power devices in the wide area network, also known as low-power wide area network (LPWAN). NB-IoT supports efficient connection of devices with long standby time and high network connection requirements. It is said that the battery life of NB-IoT devices can be increased by at least 10 years, while also providing very comprehensive indoor cellular data connection coverage.

The coverage of NB-IoT base stations is much wider than that of traditional mobile communications. NB-IoT base stations can cover a range of 10 to 20KM, and the signal strength is also greatly enhanced. We know that when mobile phones go online, they move in basements, elevators, etc. It is easy to fail to connect to the network where the signal is not good. But NB-IoT will not. IoT terminals can still connect to NB-IoT base stations in these places. It has created conditions for large-scale industrial interconnection.

With the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of living standards and production levels, there are more and more projects such as urban heating, greenhouses, incubation bases, warehouses, etc., and the collection and application value of environmental temperature and humidity data has increased unprecedentedly.

RS-WS-NB-2 temperature and humidity sensor adopts NB-IOT wireless communication technology, which integrates the two functions of data and transmission. The signal is stable, the whole network is covered, and the NB-IoT Internet of Things card is plug and play. No network configuration is required, which greatly reduces the deployment cost of intelligent temperature and humidity monitoring. It has the characteristics of low power consumption and wide coverage.

It is widely used in environmental monitoring, weather monitoring, smart agriculture, cold chain transportation and other environments. Compared with traditional IoT sensors, it has obvious deployment and maintenance advantages. The construction is simple, no wiring is required, and the Achieve ready-to-install and use.

As a new type of integrated sensor, the NB type temperature and humidity sensor has a built-in high-quality temperature and humidity measurement unit, and adopts a highly sensitive built-in/extension probe. ~95%RH, 25℃) temperature and humidity accuracy, accurate monitoring of air temperature and humidity in the environment of -40℃~+60℃, 0%RH~80%RH;

The place may be very harsh, so the standby time must be very long. The NB type temperature and humidity sensor uses a large-capacity lithium battery to power the device. The default is 60min to upload data once, the power consumption is ultra-low, and can be used continuously for more than 3 years; IP65 protection level The outer shell and internal use waterproof rubber strips for multi-channel waterproof treatment, even if the equipment is used in harsh environments, the measurement is still accurate. The wall-mounted installation method is simple and convenient. There is a fuse holder at the bottom. When the device is successfully installed, screw the black wire holder on and the device is in the power-on state. No wiring is required on site, saving hardware costs for powering equipment.

The penetration of NB-IoT signals far exceeds that of existing networks. Even in places where traditional network signals are not good, NB-IoT supports massive connections, which is relatively scattered and far away from each other. NB-type temperature and humidity sensors can be used for environmental monitoring for larger areas and more points that need to be collected.

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