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What is photosynthetically active radiation? Application of photosynthetically active radiation sensor

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-14
What is photosynthetically active radiation? Application of photosynthetically active radiation sensor
The photosynthesis of plants is inseparable from light radiation. In the process of agricultural production, light conditions directly affect the yield and quality of crops. For example, the Xinjiang long-staple cotton that has been discussed recently. Because Xinjiang has enough sunshine, the longest can be more than 16 hours, and the cotton can absorb enough sunlight for full photosynthesis. Therefore, Xinjiang’s long-staple cotton has softness, gloss and skin-friendliness. Indexes such as degree, air permeability and elasticity far exceed those of ordinary cotton, and the supply exceeds demand all the year round.

During the growth of plants, the spectral composition of the irradiating light source, the illuminance of light radiation, the coordination of the light period and the dark period, etc. will have a significant impact on the physiological characteristics of the plant. Traditional agriculture can only passively adapt to the sunlight and its daily and seasonal changes to create a suitable light radiation environment for plant growth. In modern smart agriculture, science and technology can be applied to achieve effective control of the light radiation environment.

To realize the regulation of the light radiation environment, it is necessary to accurately measure the photosynthetic active radiation of the lighting source, that is, the light radiation energy used by plants for photosynthesis. Photosynthetically active radiation (Photo-synthetically Active Radi-ation, PAR) refers to the part of solar radiation that has a wavelength range of 400 to 700 nm that can photosynthesize vegetation. Photosynthetically active radiation is the basic energy source for the formation of biomass. It controls the rate of effective photosynthesis of organisms on the landing site and directly affects the growth, development, yield and quality of plants. At the same time, photosynthetically active radiation is also an important climatic resource, affecting the surface and the atmosphere. Environmental material, energy exchange, measurement and estimation of photosynthetically active radiation are of great significance to estimate the photosynthesis of plants, explore the origin of green vegetation, and the mechanism of bio-utilization of solar energy. They are also directly related to the formation of agricultural yields and further improve agriculture. Basis of output. The photosynthetically active radiation sensor is an instrument for measuring photosynthetically active radiation.

The photosynthetically active radiation sensor adopts the photoelectric sensing principle and can be used to measure the photosynthetically active radiation in the spectral range of 400~700nm. The sensor uses high-precision photoelectric sensing elements, broad spectrum absorption, high absorption in the range of 400-700nm, and good stability; when there is light, a voltage signal proportional to the intensity of the incident radiation is generated, and its sensitivity is proportional to that of the incident light. The cosine of the direct angle is proportional. The dust cover adopts special treatment to reduce dust adsorption, effectively prevent environmental factors from interfering with internal components, and can more accurately measure the amount of photosynthetic effective radiation. The product complies with the national standard 'GB/T 35139-2017 Photosynthetic Active Radiation MeterThe appearance is small and beautiful, and the installation space is small.

Applications of photosynthetically active radiation sensors

1. Application in plant photosynthesis research, vegetation index research, etc.

Plant metabolism has a regulatory effect. Different wavelengths of light irradiated on plants have different physiological effects on plants. Therefore, different wavelengths of light participate in photosynthesis with different weights and vary with plant species and growth stages. The photosynthetically active radiation data measured by the photosynthetically active radiation sensor is of great significance to the study of plant growth, plant photosynthesis, and vegetation index.

2. Application in greenhouses

Measuring the photosynthetically active radiation in the greenhouse can grasp the light intensity in the greenhouse, and evaluate the light environment in the greenhouse to provide a basis for the selection of crop varieties suitable for planting in the greenhouse. You can also control the automatic rolling shutter device of the greenhouse and so on according to the photosynthetic effective radiation amount.

3. Application in facility agriculture

The photosynthetically active radiation sensor can be used in facility agriculture, especially in plant factories equipped with plant supplementary lights. The measurement of photosynthetically active radiation can monitor and adjust the light environment in the entire greenhouse, and it can also accumulate light data during the growth cycle of plants. Artificial supplementary light in facility agriculture must follow the photophysiological characteristics of plants in order to achieve a better supplemental light effect. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately measure the spectral composition and irradiation intensity of the supplementary light source; on the other hand, the research on the photophysiological characteristics of plants is also The incident light needs to be accurately measured.

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