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What is the application of weather stations in severe convective weather?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-22
What is the application of weather stations in severe convective weather?
Since this spring, strong convective weather has appeared in many parts of my country, and the strong convective weather has been unusually active, showing the characteristics of more and more strong.

Severe convective weather forecasting is a worldwide problem.

Severe convective weather with a small range and rapid changes is difficult to forecast in terms of meteorology. Under the current observational conditions, not only China, but also all countries in the world, are not comprehensive enough to grasp its information. Therefore, there are still certain limitations in the understanding and understanding of this kind of weather. The unpredictability of severe convective weather is the common understanding of experts and scholars engaged in meteorological forecasting and scientific research at home and abroad.

At present, the forecast of strong convective weather in various countries in the world is only a potential forecast, that is, in a relatively long period of time, there may be convective weather in a certain area. Due to the long period of time, only a large-scale forecast can be given comprehensively, which is not particularly targeted. Therefore, in order to carry out targeted management, it is necessary for us to strengthen weather monitoring and guidance through weather station equipment.

Strong convective weather and weather station

The weather station is an instrument used in outdoor environments to monitor the weather environment. Weather stations used in outdoor environments will inevitably be exposed to various harsh natural weather, such as thunderstorms, heavy snow, and strong winds. In order to enable the weather station to operate stably in various harsh environments, the weather station adopts a stainless steel structure as a whole and is equipped with solar panels to ensure that the weather station can adapt to most severe weather for a long time.

The weather station and the weather monitoring system

The weather station has a complete set of weather monitoring system. The system automatically monitors the temperature, humidity, light intensity, rainfall, soil temperature, wind direction, wind speed, and atmospheric pressure of the environment. The collection, storage, and transmission of other meteorological data, as well as linearization processing and related content analysis, facilitate rapid and more effective use of meteorological data, so that the observed data can become real and useful information.

The weather monitoring system is composed of a weather station, a data transmission system and a cloud platform, with functions such as remote equipment management, data viewing, and data analysis.

The components of the weather monitoring system from the monitoring terminal to the system terminal are: weather station, weather station support part, solar panel and battery part, collector and transmission module part, and background computer terminal.

Meteorological station: Its main function is to monitor the information of meteorological elements. It monitors wind speed, wind direction, PM2.5, light, carbon dioxide, air pressure, rainfall, air by installing rain gauges, weather shutter boxes, wind speed and direction sensors and other equipment Various meteorological factors such as temperature, air humidity, rain and snow.

Weather station bracket: The weather station bracket part is not only used to place sensors, collectors, transmission modules, and solar panels, it can also support weather stations for weather monitoring in the face of severe weather.

Solar panels and batteries: The system has two power supply methods, solar panels and batteries. These two power supply methods can be used in combination to provide power support to ensure that the weather station can work uninterrupted 24 hours a day.

Collector and transmission module: The main function of the collector and transmission module is to collect and transmit meteorological element data. The main function of the collector is to collect the meteorological elements, and then collect the data through wireless transmission. Send to the background computer.

Meteorological monitoring cloud platform: The main function of the meteorological monitoring cloud platform is to display and store data. It can be used for real-time monitoring, historical data query, over-limit remote alarm, export data to Excel, PDF files and other functions, providing visualization Graphic output, data analysis.

How to reduce the hazards of strong convective weather?

Severe convective weather includes thunder and lightning, short-term heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and strong winds. When severe convective weather occurs, a better way is to reduce going out, avoid exposure to the wild, and stay in a safe and sturdy building.

Short-term heavy rainfall is generally violent. In the wild, staying in mountainous and low-lying areas should be avoided to prevent the occurrence of mountain torrents, landslides, and mudslides. In urban areas, if there is urban waterlogging, avoid going to low-lying areas that are prone to rapid water accumulation.

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